May 10, 2006

And Then I Wonder Some More

It's been a strange sort of a day.

I don't know if it's the impending storm that has done it, or if there has been some sort of massive paradigm shift somewhere whose effects are radiating all the way out to here, but something has done us all in.

You see, it's been strangely cheerful today at work.

Don't get me wrong now, work has still had it's serious downs, but for some reason this morning Vulgar Wizard came in all bouncing and cheerful, and I caught the mood instantly and started feeding her more positive energy so she'd keep going, and somehow throughout the day instead of us both crashing and burning she and I both have maintained a level of cheer and smiles that has, like hysteria, managed to cling grimly to a shaky but demanding existence.

And strangely enough, I don't have a direction I wanted to do with for this. Funny, eh?

I think it's got something to do with the massive storm that is working it's slow way toward us from across Tay-has way. Too much electromagnetic energy in the sky, or maybe it's a dearth of ozone, or perhaps just fumes from all those acres of chili are gusting across Toledo Bend, mixing with the aquatic farts of all those fish, and the resulting silent biological agent is even now affecting us one and all, causing strange euphorias and demented outlooks.

So. A meme.

1. Take a book you've read. The Nero Wolfe corpus. Now take the main character. Nero Wolfe. That was difficult. Put them in a band. That's a stretch. What would the band's name be? The Wolfetones? No, it'd have to be called "Flummery."
2. What instrument would that character play? Nero never evinced a liking for playing an instrument in the stories, and didn't seem to care that much for music at all, so I'd have to arm him with a French Horn.
3. Who else would be in that band? Archie, on lead guitar, Fritz on the spoons, Theodore would do percussion on the terra cotta pots, Fred on bass guitar, Orrie on bass violin and Saul on flute, with Lily Rowan for smoky background vocals.
4. Would they stay underground or get popular? Underground for sure, in the dancehalls of New York.
5. Why did you choose that book? For the absurdity levels it would generate, why else?


Vulgar Wizard said...

The bouncing and cheerfulness came about when the boss reprimanded Butter Troll; I have never been more proud of him. Then the bouncing and cheerfulness was brought to a screeching hault when something that Butter Troll was responsible for was dropped into my lap, like I don't have enough to do without having to do her work while Right Hand Woman serves as BT's personal dictaphone and P. Diddy is handed all the "difficult" items to complete after I've put them in HER mailbox to begin with. F!

Word verification today is: tonyxm . . . whoa, like Tony XM? Is that a new show on the satellite radio?

renegade said...

Flute? Squirrel please! Don't make me find that fanfic and send it to you.

And Tony's got a radio show, on Sirius, Demolition Radio. *g*


Irrelephant said...

Thinking of you always, sys. *lmao* I knew that'd get a rise out of you. I was going to put "digeridoo" there but I figured he couldn't find one short enough. *lol*