May 14, 2006

Mudders Of The World Unite

I'd like to take this opportunity (because I'm a cheap barstard and can't afford to buy cards for all the Mothers I know) to wish each and every Mother out there a Happy Mother's Day.

This would include but not be limited to--

Me own sainted Mum
Me own sainted Mum-In-Law, she of the wonderous backyard wildlife sanctuary and the Astounding Herbivorous Woodpecker
My syster, the knitter
Old Grey Mare, me other Mum
Liz, who has a Full House and then some
Leesa, who is too often bored
Hannibal who is a new Mum and therefore sleeps rarely
Nancy Dancehall who has a flair for names
and to everyone I may have missed and/or who does not have a blog to which I can link.

Without you, well, most of us wouldn't be here, now would we?



I say thank you to Mr Irrel;ephant for the very nice Mothers
Day wish............. *S*


Caffeinated Mommy said...

Thank you very much. Ash has started teething with a vengeance now (poor baby) so now she's pretty sleepless.
I hope your wife had a good Mother's Day.

Liz said...

Thanks for the linky sure there's always room at This Full House...just can't promise you a room with a door 'tis all!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Thanks for thinking of me!