May 25, 2006

My Future Is Black

I say this because my future used to be red. Honda red. I was a Red Rider for years, loved red, heck, if you pricked me, I bled red.

And now I've gone blue. Yamaha blue, that is. And black. Black and blue. I'm bruised.

No, that doesn't sound nice at all, does it?

When I started riding, Yamaha had a do-it-all beginner bike, a super value machine called the Seca II. It was an air-cooled 600cc semi-sport bike, with a half fairing, lots of attitude, and very simple mechanics. And the best part? It was cheap. I had just come through a divorce, and cheap was right up my alley, seeing as how I had just lost the brand new Civic. And yes, it was red, too, but that's for later.

The Seca II was, according to Yamaha, "Dark Metallic Blue III." According to me it was dark green. And I drove the crap out of that bike, until I upgraded to my red Magna, the first Strawberry Bitch. And after that, another red Honda, my Interceptor, the second Strawberry Bitch.

And today I broke down and ran my arse up to Natchitoches and brought home--a black Yamaha Roadliner.

And that, my friends, is as far as I got yesterday, what with work and writer's block suddenly leaping up, and all sorts of other distractions and other annoyances, and I can't seem to get my groove back, so I'm going to go tomorrow morning with the father-in-law to Winnfield to fetch back a restorable Jeep, and then cut grass, and plow, and otherwise busy myself all weekend with tasks, but most importantly including cleaning my new bike, who I have named....

wait for it....

Betty. My own sweet Black Betty.

Who already has over 100 miles on the clock, stretching for that 601 break-in miles, and the first oil change, and then I can really open her up.

Damn that sounds kinda filthy. *lol*

So. More later. Much love to all of you, and happy Memorial Day Weekend! Three days off!



Nancy Dancehall said...

Have fun with your new girl!


Congratulations Irrelephant & welcome to the family Black
Betty. I got my first look at the newest member of the family this morning & I must say she is a beauty & as quiet as the spring breese. "sweet" Happy Memorial Day to all Please remember all of our vets living & passed on.