May 5, 2006

Perceptual Difficulties: Please Stand By

Real Life vs The World As You See It In Your Head. Sometimes there can be quite a difference, and sometimes that difference can smack you in the side of the head like a fist coming in from Cleveland on the 11:14 Express Freight.

As most of you know, I've been messing around at one the local radio stations. Not as an on-air personality ready to replace one of the other DJs but more as a sort of hanger-on who gets to go into the studio during broadcast times and sort of yell and make rude noises and help Riley (one half of the morning show) sort CDs back into their place in the big binder, and offer suggestions as to what should come next.

Ron, the other half of the morning show was out of town for the latter half of this week, and with the blessings of my boss Vulgar Wizard I hied myself to the station this morning to do what I could to install the new Riley And Paul Revolution Show, which actually never really came about but I got some cool bumper stickers made up, and some rather discreet lapel pins, and a flag. Well, okay, no flag.

The funny thing is this--the last two Fridays I've visited the station I've had my perceptions of two people changed; one drastically, one almost none at all, and that interests me. You see, I've always (falsely, it seems) prided myself on not judging books by their cover, and apparently I've been doing just that. Let's take two cases, shall we? Oh, I know, how about Ron and Riley!

Ron I had pretty well right, from what little I've seen of him. He comes across on the air just like he comes across in person, which is to say that he doesn't have to alter or edit his behaviour very much at all to appear live on the air. He's had enough experience in stations to be relaxed and confident at the board, and everything sort of flows when he works. He's also a lot of fun to watch, because he makes it all seem soooo easy. I guess that's how you get to be Program Director of a station.

Riley. I was about as far off as I could have been on Riley. *lol* On the air I always perceived her as a little ditzy sometimes, giggly but relatively stable, and a pro at poking Ron's buttons. The past two Fridays have changed my impressions a bit. Riley at work in front of the station's control board is like watching a flaming octopus try to assemble a four-barrel carburetor while playing a zither. Utter chaos, leaping around, lots of yelling and some interestingly colourful profanity and a lot of off the cuff remarks that half the time left me scratching my head in wonderment. Definitely not the person I had pegged her for being.

So what lesson do I take from the past two days experiences? *scratching head* Uhm...lessee. Don't ride Miranda when it's a 50% chance of rain? Or that when I park her for lunch and bring Rita to work the sun comes out and starts scorching everything in sight? Beats me at this point, because I don't know if I can change, but I do know this--the pair of them (the DJs, not the vehicles) have been enough to make me start listening to *gasp choke* pop music in the mornings for the two hours I'm at work and they're on, if nothing else so I can call in and be a pest some more.

Hey, you have to go where your talents lie, right?

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