May 17, 2006

Well Whaddaya Know

You know how you tense your entire body when you're certain that a blow is going to fall and it's really going to hurt? Your entire body reacts, readying for the pain that this attack is going to inflict, and your physiology, in it's evolutionary preparedness is getting you ready for the strike.

And then it never falls, and you're left feeling empty, incomplete, like a sneeze that you were sure was going to happen, or when you rock too far backwards in a rocking chair but then you don't fall. That's how I've felt most of the morning. Yesterday was, for various reasons, strained. This morning I thought for certain was going to be strained since I'm pretty much alone in the office, but it has't developed that way.

I got here late, after a night of very disturbing dreams and a not so perfect start to the morning, and of course the place was empty, the Butter Troll being one to be here late whenever possible. So, taking advantage of the quiet and the unseasonably beautiful weather I went around the building and opened all the windows up. The cool breezes have been blowing through all morning, and the worst thing they've managed is to make the mini-blinds string tap against the wall in the conference room, and if a light ticking noise is going to be the worst thing I have to deal with today then I'll count myself way ahead of the game.

Last night the local motorcycle shop tried to pull a fast one on me while I took a new Roadliner out for a test drive, but a $500 difference in price is going to light a warning light in my head, so Loewer Powersports? Fuck you, I'm buying elsewhere. For the third time. I never should have given you the first two chances, much less three. This left me in a pretty poor mood last night, but this morning I'm past it, and couldn't care. This weekend part of the family and I are going to Natchitoches to see if I can get approved for a new bike, and if so...

I've been able to play my classical music as loud as I care to, also. I'm not sitting here blowing out the walls, but I do have the station turned up high enough that I can hear it quite comfortably. It's nice not to have to worry if I'm bothering anyone with it, because I know that Beethoven and Bach are acquired tastes and I'm pretty much alone here as far as classical enjoyment goes.

Did I mention that I'm actually getting things accomplished on the schedule I had made for myself this morning? I certainly am, and proud of it. Does this mean that I'll get appreciated more? No. Does it mean that sudden justice will come in the form of pink slips to the two women here that most need it? No. I'm not stupid enough to believe that, anyway. What it does mean is that I feel good about myself for staying on target and on track for completing what I need to complete today, so as not to leave a huge mess for Friday and the weekend.

Rita is currently not running, as of last night. The brother and I set about changing her distributor and it's become more of a task than we originally thought. The good news being that both of us think we know where we went wrong, and so by the weekend Rita not only should be back on her feet but should be doing so with a brand new distributor and coil, which should keep her from her recent difficulties with losing her timing.

The weather is beautiful, did I tell you? I'm going to find some more windows to open up.


Nancy Dancehall said...

Oh, that's a beautiful bike! I hope you can find one at a decent price.


I have a 1998 Honda Shadow Ace that needs more than my tlc to get going strong. Help?


Vulgar Wizard said...

I appreciate you. I'm proud of you for staying on your self-made schedule. Does that count for anything?

Irrelephant said...

Nancy--I did, got approved today, and with luck will sell the Strawberry Bitch II this week and will be driving home my new Star motorcycle soonest. OMG I cannot wait.

OGM, I emailed Old Grey Stallion--hope it helps.

And yes, VW, it means a lot. It always means a lot to be appreciated by you, because you of all people know what the past two days have been like. And me, I'll be damned glad to have you back in the orrifice Friday. *S*