Jun 27, 2006

Betty & The Train

For those of you who have been living under a rock or have never read this blog before, I need to make three points absolutely clear before we go on, so that this post might make a little sense to you.

1. I love trains. All sorts, from the coal-fired dragons of the 1800s to the streamlined Zephyr of the 30's to the big diesels of today.

2. I adore my bike. I love most all bikes, but right now I'm utterly loving having a Star Roadliner Midnight.

3. I love my camera, which includes laying out and taking photos.

So. If you remember the Camelspotting post of a while back, you can skip the link. For those of you don't, here's The Camelspotting Post, which fell remarkably flat. For those of you who still don't get it, it's about trains, based on a Camelspotting joke by Monty Python's Flying Circus. Replace 'camel' with 'train' and you've got it on the nosey. *s* I know, it's more of a British thing, but hey, I'm known for being obscure.

SO. Put the three together along with the information you've gained in the Camelspotting post, and you realise that if I were to be able to catch

  • my bike Black Betty, with

  • a camel train, and

  • my camera, in

  • a good location,

I'd have some damn fine pictures.

Betty 1

Betty 2

Betty 3

Betty 4

Betty 5

Betty 6

Betty 7

And yes, the next few pictures were taken from the wrong side of the warning gate, and yes, there DID happen to be a cop on the other side waiting for the train to go by, but he was out of his jurisdiction and I was moving toward home a lot faster than he could have gotten his car out of the line of cars he was stuck in so it was all good.

Anyway, my friend the Norfolk Southern D9 Camel (two humps) there wasn't going all that fast. Actually it had stopped for a few of those pictures, as you can probably tell. Certainly long enough for me to get Betty around the other side of that bothersome crossing gate and parallel to the cameltracks. *grin* You gotta work for what you want.

Betty 8

Betty 9

Betty 10

Betty 11


Nancy Dancehall said...

Very cool. Betty10 is a great shot. Would you mind if I sent one of the photos to a friend who LOVES trains?

Irrelephant said...

Please do! I'd be very flattered. I changed that same shot to B&W with Paint Shop Pro, it's sooo much more interesting.

Wait until I get the roll of 35mm developed. *lol*

Vulgar Wizard said...

I love the bottom set. Love them. I'm trying not to go to work before 8. I'm considering not showing up at all, but I know BT won't do anything for or about MIS... I'm going to be BORED. Bring pics if you get bored too.

The Ivory Pen said...

Beautiful! Absolutly stunning! Did you drug the camel to be able to get so close? I am paralyzed with jealousy.

Irrelephant said...

What was really funny was that it was awake the entire time, just dozing in the afternoon sun. Wait until you see the 35mm film, talk about CLOSE.

Flickr, you need to hurry up and let me back in!!!