Jun 11, 2006

Day One of "House Sitting" for Mr. and Mrs. Irrelephant

I found "the list" Mrs. Irr left for me on the kitchen table. I was sweating by the time I left today. LOL!

I fed the kitties pouch. Egan wanted no part of that or of me today, however he did go completely nuts on the cat gym in the living room.

I took care of the litter box; it wasn't too bad. The spare litter box was clean as a whistle.

I fed both sets of fishies; the fish in the large aquarium went APESHIT. That was fun to watch. Fiona was freaking out watching the fish freak out. That was also fun to watch.

The humming bird feeder was still full. I told Cracker and Dee that they could go outside tomorrow afternoon and to get the hell out of the way so I could close the door. They were not very happy about that.

I checked on the garden and harvested one cucumber. I went back into the house to finish the list, and Dee was sitting on Irr's stool in the den in front of his work-in-progress. She appeared to be thinking that the painting needed a little something but was unsure of what, so she licked her right shoulder and jumped down. That was weird.

I found the money, and THANK YOU RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW FOR THAT, because we are strapped. I also found the check, which I will deliver as instructed Monday, which means I get to leave work. *tee hee hee* Fiona attacked me, and I left.

So far, so good. Now, if Egan will get over himself long enough for me to kiss him, I will, but I'd like to keep the skin on my face intact, thank you very much.

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