Jun 25, 2006

Five Things

Since I got tagged by the Vulgar Wizard Herself AND Hannibal the Hampster, whom I had the pleasure of seeing in Wall-To-Wall Mart yesterday (Gah! Hate the place.) Oh, and Ashlyn, Hannibal's daughter is such a lovely little girl! And she's leery of men, which is superb!

Five Things . . .

Five Things in the Refrigerator
1. Fresh cucumbers from the garden
2. Swee' tea
3. Fresh beets (see #1)
4. String cheese (mozarella)
5. Leftover enchiladas

Five Things in the Closet
1. Less old clothes
2. Tons of shorts
3. Swiming trunks for next FL vacation
4. My two double-breasted suits
5. New sandals

Five Things in the Wallet
1. Driver's license
2. Proof o' insurance
3. Father in law's business card
4. Debit card (dusty)
5. Phone number where I can buy longleaf pines next year

Five Things in the Truck
1. Foldout windshield shade thingie
2. OEM truck jack
3. California car duster (lifesaver)
4. Loose change in the ashtray
5. Chunk of OEM dashboard to replace current radio hole

Five People to Tag
1. I think VW already got everyone I know
2. who might be willing to be tagged
3. so rest assured that I'm not
4. going to tag
5. you.

You're welcome. *s*

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