Jun 9, 2006

Last Call

Yup, it's that time. Closing time, ringing the time bell. Last call for blogging.

You see, this time tomorrow I'll be somewhere right outside of Pensacola, Florida in a lovely beach-side condo, soaking up the sunshine, eyeballing the pretty girls, jumping over alligators, and fishing in the Gulf. And I won't be at the office. Oh my stars and garters, how sweet is that?

I think there might be a laptop and perhaps an internet connection there, so chances are pretty good you'll be seeing some sand-and-surf posts. And if there isn't, then Vulgar Wizard will no doubt hack into my blog in about four minutes flat (I'm not very good with paswords) and she'll be guest blogging for me, which should be interesting.

No, really. Heck, she's got the house keys, so likely she'll be sitting in my chair in my office, eating my food, drinking my tea, smoking my good puros and my pipe tobacco, working on my computer on my hacked blog.

I feel so violated.

No matter. In just a few short hours I'll be packing and cleaning and doing all sorts of things to get ready for the road, and tomorrow morn 6 ayem I'll be on the road with the inlaws and the wife headed for the beach.

Be happy, be safe, smile a lot, and I'll either see you here sometime tomorrow afternoon or I'll see you on the 19th.



Vulgar Wizard said...

*hee hur hee hur hee hurrrrrrr*

Autumn said...