Jun 29, 2006

Meme: a cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behavior) that is passed from one generation to another by nongenetic means (as by imitation)

I quite like this one--it's ripe for abuse.

If you're too lazy to cut and paste without my answers in place, well, just use Whiteout over my answers. I'm interested to see who takes this and runs with it. Be sure and tell me if you use it, I'm curious to see where you go with it.


I know ~ more than you think I do. I know I don't know nearly enough yet.

I believe ~ in very little that I can't see, touch, eat, or otherwise manhandle.

I fought ~ to say that I fought the good fight, but I haven't. I am, however, winning, which is more important.

I am angered ~ that I'm almost out of Frog Morton pipe tobacco.

I love ~ that feeling.

I need ~ to be taken less seriously by myself.

I take ~ bites that are too big to chew.

I hear ~ my candle burning out.

I drink ~ deeply of the wine that life hands me, even when it's bitter.

I hate ~ stupid people beyond all reasonable limits, but something has to be done. They walk among us.

I use ~ air, water, and nutrients like they're going out of style.

I want ~ to find my center.

I decided ~ that I like being me, most of the time. The rest of the time I want to be a small yellow rose that grows wild in an old lady's cottage garden in Bristol.

I like ~ that there are still mysteries that we as humans can't figure out. This makes me feel good and terrified, sometimes both at the same time.

I am ~ older than I act, younger than my years, and sanitized for your protection.

I feel ~ that it's the mileage, not the years that's going to be my downfall.

I left ~ the shell in the tide, the one I used when I drew along the edge of the surf with my heart. I wanted the ocean to remember what I wrote.

I do ~ what my heart wants to far too often to be good for those around me.

I hope ~ for things that shall never come to pass.

I dream ~ in more colours that are humanly possible. It makes me feel sort of edgy. And a bit delirious when I first wake up. This is a dangerous time for me.

I drive ~ slower than I used to, and with more skill than you could possibly think me capable of.

I listen ~ to people far worse now than I ever have before, and that saddens me, but I grow tired of empty noises.

I type ~ far better than I write, but writing has a majesty and a frightening power that I wish I could master.

I think ~ all the damned time, way too much for comfort's sake.

I wish ~ so often that beggars would ride and poor men eat more horsemeat than is good for a healthy heart and colon.

I compensate ~ for my wooden leg with a hand made of beaten copper that is more cunning than human artifice could produce, which is the only heirloom that I shall leave behind me when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I regret ~ that I regret things.

I care ~ with all my spirit, leading me to wonderous new levels of being let down by Life.

I should ~ really learn to stop talking so much.

I am not always ~ the man I think I should be. I am also not that yellow rose often enough.

I said ~ the wrong thing, but you understood anyway. That's why I love you so.

I wonder ~ if butterflies dream about being human, and if they do why don't they just fucking well tell us and get all the confusion over with.

I changed ~ the other day, and the day before, and I'll probably change again before this meme is done.

I cry ~ when the tears are ready to come.

I am ~ often annoyed beyond belief at the dehumanizing aspects of electronic communication, but I am enthralled at the doors it has opened for me.

I am not ~ the person I used to be. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

I lose ~ my powers of perception every moment I live, which is a terrible thing to happen to people.

I leave ~ everything behind when my candle is extinguished. I hope you can do better with it than I have. I always end up with a few screws and a flanged sort of metal rod left over.


Mickey Glitter said...

Lovely. You've got a heart of a poet. I would do the meme if I thought it would be even a fraction of what yours is.

Caffeinated Mommy said...

I completely agree with Mickey Glitter. I however, did the meme on MySpace, but I'm quite sure it didn't turn out as well as yours. If I tried, it still wouldn't.

The Ivory Pen said...

Mickey G, do the Meme anyway. You can't judge yourself by what comes from another's heart.

leesepea said...

Well, Irrelephant, I played along.

See my "poem" here.


Irrelephant said...

You folks pardon me while I whoop up on Hannibal and Mickey.

Gals, you both need to be whooped. *s* Mickey, I've been reading your England exploits since you got back, and it's like being there, only without the fish and chips. And I got the postcard--thank you!! You know full well you can write, in your own style and with your own voice. I'd love to see you tackle this one.

Hannibal, you know better. You did just fine, with your own poetry and your own smiles, just like Leesepea did on HER blog. I'm not all that and a cup of coffee, ladies, and I read the both of you at least once a day, so what does THAT tell you?

Oh, and Ivory Pen? I noticed that YOU haven't done it yet...*prod prod poke*

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

OK, I couldn't resist. I played along, too! Click my name to find my blog...

Eric said...

The heat of Southern California got to me. I fell into the trap and joined in the fun. So go and check out my list.