Jun 13, 2006

Perdido Key Day 3: The Tide Is High

In which I make no more lame references to Blondie songs, we have dinner at the finest seafood restraunt in Perdido Key and why this is not a big deal, and the Pensacola Naval Air Station Aviation Museum, and no, this won't be a boring post about airplanes!

Okay. Yesterday, as have been the past few days, was wonderful. Even with a late evening rainstorm courtesy of Alberto and some surf that rivals the Pacific Ocean for ferocity it was still wonderful.

The Naval Air Museum down here is a must-see, especially if you're a naval aviation buff. I'm not huge into Naval aircraft, but the curators didn't hold themseves entirely to that theme. I was utterly agog to see a recreated Curtiss P-40 Warhawk done up in the "Adam and Eve First Pursuit" colours, with the original Burma/China/India theater AVG Flying Tiger on the side. I nearly wet myself over that. Nothing to do with the Navy, but utterly cool nonetheless. And the PBY-5A Catalina, and the Harrier, and the PAIR of F4U Corsairs, not to mention the utterly incredible collection of old biwings and utterly ANTIQUE aircraft. Unthinkably cool.

And that's all I'll say about that for now, and will let the pictures tell the story when I get home and can download them. Seeing as I forgot the cable and all.

Fishing was better than ever, apparently. See, I'm leery of wandering out into ten foot waves, but the FIL is fearless, the new incarnation of The Old Man And The Sea, or perhaps I should start calling him Ahab, since he is possessed of the idea of landing a 6' shark. Which is, scarily enough, quite possible. Catfishes abounded last evening, and he's been out there, steady as the Rock of Gibraltar, angling for what is shaping up to be a sizeable and delicious grilled fish meal.

Which leads me to The Reef, advertised as having the best seafood out of all the Perdido Key seafood restraunts. Sounded great, until it occurred to us that the only other seafood place out here was brand new and therefore probably hadn't made it into the competition, and any older places have long since been blown to firewood by Katrina's arrival, scenes of which are still very evident, so The Reef wasn't quite as lovely as we thought it might be, nor quite as, well, appetizing as one might think for such a prestigous title holder. But, truth be told, and not taking into account the dodgy cole slaw, the grouper was quite excellent, though I have already learned that next time I order grouper it will be blackened and not fried--frying seems to take out a lot of the natural moisture and a fair bit of flavor, while the blackening--wow. Great fish.

So, let me close for now, in terror of what today's Talkies Tuesday is going to bring. I have to wonder at this point if Vulgar Wizard The Blog Hacker and sometimes Guest Blogger here knows that I've got broadband in the condo, not to mention the incredible third-floor view of the Gulf busy pounding beautiful seashells into white sand while I sit at a decent Louis XIV writing desk recreation. My stars and garters this place is spoiling me mindlessly ROTTEN.

Tomorrow: stay tuned for more tales of daquiris and tobacco on the veranda, and maybe more about NAS Pensacola.


Vulgar Wizard said...

What, do you think I just post on here and don't bother to read the other stuff that may pop up while you're away? I know you're blogging, but technically, you're not here, so I'm supposed to fill in while you're away. Which you've completely ruined, by the way, with your daily interesting updates. :) Besides, if you wanna do Talkies Tuesday, you know how to delete me, right? LOL!

The Ivory Pen said...

Sincerely wish I were there.