Jun 13, 2006

Talkies Tuesday!

A-ha! Have at you!

Okay, by now you know the drill (which is why I won't bother to link the mic to the TT site). Irrelephant posts some topics for us to discuss, and we all say whatever the hell we want (well, except me, because I can't think for myself when creativity is necessary).

Things change today.

Everyone MUST discuss the one thing they most admire about Irrelephant. For those of us who know him in real life, this is an easy one. For those of you who know him here, you'll probably be able to come up with something. I mean, this is really him, so figure it out and talk about it. M'kay? Thanks.

1 comment:

Vulgar Wizard said...

*pout* The only person who Talkie-d this week was Leesepea, and I can't hear it at work because there's no sound card in the PC here. *pout*