Jul 31, 2006

Let Me Be Blunt

A warning--this is not a happy post.

In backwards chronological order:

I have been emotionally wrapped up in the forthcoming trip to Oregon to get my daughter home for the school year, as usual. And as usual, it's not showing on the outside, but it's showing in the quality of my work. VW had to correct a lot of errors from my logging last week and this, and it really bothers me that I'm slipping that bad. To make matters worse, Detroit is in Michigan attending to her grandmother's arrangements for probably another day or so, and has been since Friday, so the work is starting to get that tsunami-height wave thing going on, and yes I'm not working 100%, it'a rare that I do, but I'm as engaged at work as I ever get and it's still piling up.

The big one was that the UPS man forged my signature on that brown pc tablet thing they carry. Right in front of my face. I'm sitting here at my desk with my hand out like an idiot, waiting for him to hand me the tablet, he takes his fingernail, makes a scribbled line across the signature pad, punches my name in, makes a crude, stupid joke about the heat, and leaves.

And yes, I called UPS main line, and was angry with the lady there, and was angry with the local depot manager, and I told them that I refused to have this fuckstick in my office anymore. They said they'd have to get me in contact with their warehouse guy, who never called me back. Today should be interesting. If that jackass shows his face in my office tomorrow with my medical supplies, he's going to NEED medical supplies.

Thirdly, or firstly, depending on in which direction you're traveling throug time, I've decided that I want to be a Clinical Manager. You see, our Clinical Manager, Butter Troll RN decided today that her roughly $50K a fucking year job is so important that she's allowed to wear headphones at work and listen to an AUDIOBOOK while doing her job.



Hell people, I'd sit there at my desk and breathe through my mouth and listen to an audiobook for MY wages, no need to pay me a big salary. Hell, I'd even do it on WEEKENDS! Are you listening, Adrenaline Junkie? While you're out doing RA things, your CM is sitting on her extremely large ass listening to BOOKS ON FUCKING TAPE.

I wrote all that last night--this morning's reasoning? Apparently the tape was due back in the library today, and she wanted to be sure to get it turned back in, to keep "the library police" from catching her.

You're responsible for the lives of 130 or so patients of ours, but that's secondary to making sure your library record stays clean.

More later. I'm already seething again.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Nothing is going to happen until somebody writes her fat ass up . . . I'm still waiting for that day. I shouldn't have to worry that she may be leading my staff astray by telling them to just delete the meds that are in the system if they aren't on the addendum, even though we have no order to remove the meds period. I don't want to be held responsible for a visit being removed from the system because it shouldn't have been put there and she didn't bother to document that she'd deleted the visit or why. I don't want to be here anymore.

Nancy Dancehall said...


You are both in hell.

The Ivory Pen said...

...in hell that is made up of a creamy, pale-yellow, somewhat thick substance upon which you both float in a beautifully crafted origami boat made of reams of office paper. How long will the boat last before you slowly sink through the infintessimally disinagrating paper into the grease of maragine oblivion?