Jul 21, 2006

Lowbrow Humour

And I'm fairly certain that only I found this funny, and fairly certain that my "street cred," as the kids call it, is going to suffer for this, but hey, everyone wants to feel that there's someone in the hole whide whirled that is lamer than they are.


Being in a small office, we have to make a lot of our own fun, because very little comes from outside. So we do things like call one of our sister-office marketer's "Skeletor" because he looks like his skull is about to pop out of his face. We stick strange things to our monitors, like FRAGILE stickers, and homemade buttons that say "Back to your bridge evil troll, you have no powers here" or "Please feel free to shut the fuck up." We pick unmercifully on each other. We pick unmercifully on patients who have the bad luck to have a last name that sounds just like "skull." We call Cankle that because, well, quite frankly she has ankles thicker than MY calves. We even bring sliced bread into the office and walk behind Butter Troll waiting for...okay, so we don't do that. Yet. It's a good idea though, you gotta admit. Who needs margarine when you got the real thing!

But I digress, in a vain attempt to pad this post with some humour.

Being in a medical office, we have to keep shred boxes handy at every desk, for any paper or label or anything that has patient information on it. The shred box of choice around here is an empty paper case box, and once a week I take it upon myself to walk the office collecting these boxes, all of which get dumped into a big locking container.

Today I further took it upon myself to walk around the office shouting in my best Monty Python peasant voice "Bring out your shred. Clang. Bring out your shred. Clang." Admittedly it would have been better if I had some sort of off-key bell to ring instead of just saying "clang," and maybe if I had worn some homespun, and if I had been all covered in shite, but hey, we do what we can, right?


Caffeinated Mommy said...

"I'm not dead yet!"

Nancy Dancehall said...

*snort* *cackle *wheeze*

That does it. Monty Python wins!

Vulgar Wizard said...

I greatly appreciate your collecting of the shred. I'm just not cultured enough to get that joke. LOL! "Ni!"


This has nothing to do with this blog. I just listened to the Talkies Tuesday for this week, I must say that Irrelephant is indeed handy! He has put in not one but 2 bathroom floors in the front bathroom in my house & I was privy to & able to help..... somewhat. This is to let the public know that you do more than fans. Hee Hee.


D-Man said...

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Now go away, or I shall taunt you for a second time."

You might have fun at Golfwidow's Minstry of Silly Walks.

Irrelephant said...

Hey guys, sometimes you just gotta throw in a little Python. *grin* Love the immediate and gratuitous responses!