Jul 4, 2006

The Meme With No Name

It's been called many things, and honestly when I stole it from I wish I remember now where I stole it from I don't recall it having a name, but it's certainly flowered under my misguided tutelage. And it's been renamed a few times, too. *lol*

The Stolen Meme. Remember the post just a few days ago? Like I said, it certainly took off.

To three different teachers, across this great (and independent) country of ours!

Leesepea, who artfully renamed it the Me-Me-Me-Meme, which gave me a grin and some insight into her own life.

Renaissance Blogger, who I think is going to let me borrow his cool crushed velvet hat and called it The Stolen Meme.

And California Teacher Guy who re-re-renamed it The Meme Tinker,

And Vulgar Wizard got ahold of it, renamed it "I" and ran with it as fast and far as her legs could carry her.

And The Ivory Pen, a sometimes commenter here at Casa d'Irrelephant took her pen and wrote down some deep thoughts, without renaming The No-Name Meme.

Then it hit MySpace, and I can't remote link to any of that stuff, but The Gringa WIth No Name outed me by name *grin* and posted hers with a bite of salsa and a Dos Equis, and Crytal got ahold of it and did her own 80's magic on it, and I think I'm missing a few still, and it's bothering me, but I can't remember who all did and didn't run with this particular pigskin. I know Strange Cousin Susan needs to go ahead and gird her loins and fill one out, because I think she'd do a marvelous job even though she commented me that she felt she couldn't do it justice.

And who else? Tell me if I've forgotten you, so I can add you in asap!

And Happy Fourth, everyone! Eat too many hotdogs, drink too much lemonade and shoot a finger off for me!


Nancy Dancehall said...

Working on it...

Mickey Glitter said...

It's up and ready for public consumption. Short and sweet, it is, here.