Jul 11, 2006

Now THAT'S What I Call Service!

As a brief wander-away from my post, Vulgar Wizard wishes everyone to know that she is temporarily without internet services, since she uses DSL and the telephone pole in front of her house has two feet of blackened top on it right now. Apparently a fuse has blown in the transformer, and Bell South is in no particular rush, even though her phone keeps calling 911 by itself and hanging up. No lie. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, no?

So. Service. Let me tell you all about world-class service from, no surprise here, our IT department down there in their little caves. This is the email I received this morning, after a call from an IT rep. in Baton Rouge:


The following issue was closed in __________:
To view this issue in detail, click HERE.

Issue #: 33439
Subject: Lost Word files
Status: Closed
Issue Type: Workstation
Priority: Standard
Location: ____ _____, LA
Organization: ________
Submitted By: Irrelephant on 06 Jun 2006 555-555-5555
Assigned To: Joe Bob Technician on 06 Jul 2006
Closed By: Joe Bob Technician on 11 Jul 2006

user was saving to desktop in roaming profile. let him know to save to my documents which is on home drieectory

Issue Description:
Sometime today between approx. 10am and 1 pm I lost access to about twenty five files that I had saved over the course of the last year or so to my "desktop" on my profile. I am using a ____ terminal, and ordinarily to save items I would work my way up the folder tree and save the item at "My Desktop." Today when I tried to reaccess several of the items that I use on a daily basis I found that the entire list of items I stored there were gone.

My question is this--has there been some change in the system, or is my profile selectively erasing things? These files were used quite often, and had been saved because of that. Is there a way to retrieve them, ie a backup made somewhere? And if not, am I able to use the USB port in my ____ terminal to use a thumb drive? The loss of these files will result in me having to spend several hours trying to rebuild the files from memory, etc, and naturally I can't afford to be rebuilding these files repeatedly if this is going to be a reoccuring problem.

So, in other words, a month later, now that I've spent the past month rebuilding those lost files, the Official Answer is "Too bad, bruh. Next time save it in My Documents which you never could access before. Seems that for a year and a half there was access allowed you guys that you shouldn't have had."

And it took them a month to assign the problem, and five days more to tell me.

Mama said there'd be days like this. Me, all I wanna do is walk out of here, make a nice, leisurely drive to Baton Rouge, find the IT Department* offices, and clean it out with a flame thrower.

* I call them the "Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee" (ID10T) Department now. Seems more appropos.

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