Jul 1, 2006

Princesses Don't Play With Dirt Dogs

At least that's what Penny, my wife's Papillion was saying earlier when Vulgar Wizard brought out her newest family member, Gabby, for shots and deworming pills and to have a short if eventful playdate.

Oh yes, Gabby's a cutie. All puppy, which is to say "clumsy, graceless, and adorable." She has the best colours, too, which you'll have to badger VW into photoing for your consumption. I've never seen quite so many different shades of brown on one white dog.

I know this is one of the more lackluster posts I've performed here of late, but it's been a rush sort of day. We've got a wedding to attend this afternoon, and the wife has food she has to prepare for same, and I have clothes to wash and dry and hang to make sure that nobody from this family attends au natural. And speaking of, I have a load of still-warm jeans and T-shirts on the couch in the den that are in desperate need of a folding hand (I do origami, too, and parties) and I don't see any of the cats leaping up to offer some assistance, so...

Oh, and before I forget, I finally managed to get the rest of the Florida vacation/NAS Pensacola pictures uploaded to Flickr, so if you're of a mind to see some of my family, a lot of airplanes, and a Pelican Parade pelican, then by all means, help youself!

Stay tuned to that same link, perhaps as soon as this evening, because I should be getting my 35mm film camelspotting pictures back, too, and will be posting the better ones soonest.

If you're hankering for dirty rice and some lemonade cupcakes, join us at the wedding. If not, I'll talk to you soonest. Oh, and Ron? "Shit."


Nancy Dancehall said...

Damn cats! Never there when you need them.

Dirty rice *drool* Where do I crash the wedding?

Irrelephant said...

That's the thing, Nancy. They're HERE, all six of them, but they're never handy when one requires one.

Silly fluffs.

The wedding---ooh. Unless you could fake a really good South'ren accent I doubt you'd be allowed in. Heck, I could barely get in. These folk are so redneck they think anything from Arkansas up is Yankee country. You didn't miss nothing.

Except maybe some dirty rice. *s*