Jul 12, 2006

Public Consumption

The public knows certain things only because they're advertised to us so constantly, so exclusively that most people think they are full of knowledge about something when in fact they're simply full.

Bose radios are not the best, not if you want music that sounds like it's being played live. If you ask any 'normal' person, they will tell you that Bose has the best music, even though they don't own one and likely don't even know that you will pay well over a grand for one of their 'reflective sound' systems.

Harley Davidsion motorcycles are not the only brand produced. If you tell a person who doesn't ride that you own a bike, 9 times out of 10 they will say "Oh, you ride a Harley?" To the uninitiated, every cruiser is a Harley, simply because Harley has covered us in their own brand of disinformation for so long that the Public has become brainwashed to the idea that every bike must be a Harley.

So this morning I got a real laugh, at someone else's expense. The best kind. *S*

THO, the annoying nurse, started yapping first thing when I walked in this morning, desperate to run her mouth about SOMETHING, and since I was the only available target then I was going to hear it. Seems a friend of hers placed a bid on a motorcycle selling on eBay, and won it. The key point, I gather, was that he then had to drive to Tennessee from here to get it. I didn't get the joke until she started to tell me what KIND of bike it was.

"And then he drove to Tennessee to get it, and his wife was SO angry at him and so they were all standing around when he drove up, and it was..." And yes, this is where I knew, KNEW she was going to say "...and it was a Harley and blah de blah." If you've ridden for more than three months, you've heard that. Everyone's friend has a Harley, everyone knows someone who has a Harley. It's always a Harley. Well, this time I was wrong. Boy was I.

"...standing around when he drove up, and it was dark red, and ..." and here she just stopped, seemingly out of oxygen. Me, I felt like I was climbing a set of stairs and had just put my foot down expecting another step which suddenly wasn't there. I almost laughed aloud. "And it was red." Bang. End of story. Salient point made, important issue covered.

Well. Dark red. I used to own a dark red. Loved that bike. I wept the day the dark red company closed it's doors.

Ride a dark red, ride the best.

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Autumn said...

Both of those things bother me. Bose and Harley's... I don't own either, but I do know there are alternatives.

People just don't pay attention.

That said, one of my ex-bf's had a dark red Harley. God it was pretty.