Jul 3, 2006

Put Your Best Meme Forward

Then you take it back out, and then you shake it all around...no, that's not what this is gonna be about.

A few days ago I posted a meme that I had found quite by accident, one that I rather enjoyed because unlike most memes this one was a) very vaguely worded and open to interpretation, and b) very revealing if done properly. And I posted it, with the request that if other folks came along (I gave up tagging people about the time I noticed girls were more fun for other things) and used the meme that they'd do me the favor of letting me know they used it, so I could go see how they approached it.

Wow, was I surprised by the response.

You see, ordinarily when I come up with an idea that (to me) sounds workable and interesting, people look at me like waitpeople do when I go into a nice restaurant and order a medium-rare caribou on wheat. It's rare for me to have an idea that actually DOES take off and sprout wings and start building up speed, you understand. When I realised that this meme had in fact taken off and was flying on it's own I got a look on my face like the one that waitpersons get when I go into a nice restaurant and order a medium-rare caribou on wheat with a side order of fries and a Coke with no ice.

And so it lives. I'd be hyperlinking my silly tail off here if I could, but I'm at work, and naturally those pesky work-related tasks are even now piling up behind me while I sit here idly and make silly noises with my fingers, and even if I did have time I don't know that I have all the bookmarks and whine whine whine, but hey, if you're that impatient you can go into the comments section for the meme post and see a few, and if you're patient I fully plan on going home this afternoon, finding all these lovely people and hyperlinking them all on one entry so you, too, can enjoy diverse entries from various and interesting peoples that you probably need to meet.

In other news, I'm despairing and joyous at the same time. Joyous because the much-desired rain has come and seems to plan to stay a bit, and despairing because rain means that Betty, who is exactly 67 miles from being out of her break-in period, won't be ridden for probably the entire week while it rains. I bought oil, a new filter, everything I need for my 600 mile/end of break-in period all important first oil change, marking the point at which I can not only exceed 2000 rpms but also go faster than 55 mph, and it's decided to rain. Which we need. Which keeps me from riding.

Anyone see the conundrum here?

I'm very tempted to break out my rainsuit again, which is likely enough so dry from disuse that it will break into a thousand wax-coated nylon bits, or as one of the nurses at a doctor's office suggested on the phone, I could try and invent a sort of high-speed motorcycle umbrella, which knowing me might be a marvelous idea that never quite gets off the ground and fly.

Worse, it MIGHT get off the ground and fly.

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