Jul 25, 2006

Talkies Tuesday Lite - Now With Zero Content!

(The post hasn't shown up yet. It's probably ashamed to show itself.)

Yes kids, that's right, new Talkies Tuesday Lite, guaranteed same lame format, but now with absolutely no filler! That's right, nothing! Empty as the space between most people's ears, guaranteed to not get you laid faster than a raging case of syphillis, and at what cost? Mere minutes of your time.

That's right, new Talkies Tuesday Lite. Can you tell I didn't shoot the moon with this one?


Nancy Dancehall said...

I want my money back.

Irrelephant said...

Sorry, no refunds or exchanges without a dated receipt.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Actually, no, I can't tell, because THERE'S NO SOUND CARD IN MY F-ING WORK COMPUTER!!!!!

Irrelephant said...

YAY! No money refunded after the first act.