Aug 2, 2006

A Brief Distraction

while I flee for my life being pursued by an angry mob who was expecting a whole lot more from me for Talkies Tuesday, me being the founder and all.

A few mobile phone pictures.

You can, of course, clicky them to enbiggen them for a better understanding of just what a poor excuse for a camera my cellular telephone actually makes.


is how it looked when I left work Tuesday at 5pm. The weather forecast? Clear and sunny, they said that morning. When I left work the forecast was "OMFG head for the hills!" Yeah, thanx guys.

I ended up getting stuck at the local gas station, made it there dry, and it started raining just as I arrived, so I spent a dry twenty minutes under their canopy, staring at, well, at everything. Just so that everything knew just how pissed I was. *lol*

I did, however, get to see a nifty rainbow. Or a rainflat, since this one is a little less concave than most.

And this lovely picture was taken the day that I had to spend all day on the phone with our IT guys in Red Stick, waiting for them to get their collective heads out of their collective butts so they could tell me why our new router (pictured above the old one, below) wasn't working right.

Please note that I was taking all safety precations, and had the copper anti-static device attached.

You will also note the slightly dazed expression that has befallen me, having spent three hours of a Friday workday (casual day, hence the jeans and "In Mullet We Trust" T-shirt,) on the telephone with a bunch of guys who need to be hammered into a thin paste and fed to the wild pigs that roam the outskirts of Baton Rouge looking for piles of gooey IT guys who haven't the foggiest notion of what they're doing and as such have been beaten into gruel by the people who depend on them for fully-operational computer systems.

(Photo courtesy of Vulgar Wizard, who did nothing to warn me that I look like I have a beer belly in that shirt (which I do, only not from beer) and that I might want to at least TRY to suck it in so that I could look stupid but at least a tiny bit in shape.)

Regal Monkey, please also note that I was careful to NOT dis on your hubbie, who I'm assuming is a GOOD IT guy and who therefore needs to get a job with my company so he can whip these pseudo-geeks into shape.

What a handsome cuss. His parents sure must be proud of him right about now.

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Des_Moines_Girl said...

Anti static device? I'm really really really really really really glad you explained that...

...because when I first looked at the picture I was really really really really confused as to what you were doing...really. :-O