Aug 3, 2006

Do Do Ya Love Me?

Bay-beeeeee. See, I've had Paula Abdul stuck in my head most of the morning, and since I'm a large white guy and she's a small black woman it's making it difficult for me to perform my day-to-day tasks while at the same time wanting to break into complex dance steps.

I realised this morning that I've been a little irascable here of late, for various reasons, and so, as an apologia of sorts, here's a little light music.

Argyle socks. Is there nothing cooler in the entire world than argyle socks? I wear them exclusively, with jeans, work pants, whatever. I've got all sorts of colours, and I've even catapulted myself into the whole "matching" thing when I dress. Impressive, no?

So what gets me is how hard it is to find argyle socks around here. I mean, Sears carries them sometimes, the Dockers brand, which are nice and thick but they wear out around the cuff pretty fast. JCPenny's carries the Gold Toe brand, but if you buy the argyles you end up with a three-pack for about $15, one of which is a real, full-pattern argyle, one has a few diamonds on the side, and the third pair is just plain. I guess those are for people who are afraid of sock commitment.

In other news, the A/C guys came in this morning to check out why we have water spots on our ceiling tiles. We surmised it was from the pipes sweating up there, because our ceiling is about as well insulated as a redneck's trailer, and all the A/C unit stuff is up there, and since we're in a soybean field and have ZERO shade out here the units never turn off. Seems we were right about the pipes sweating, but the funny/sad thing is that while I was otherwise occupied the repairmen were telling VW that they had to go pick up some kind of wrap, sounded like they said RoboTex, but I think that's like the head of those Transformers guys, but anyway, I walked up the hall as they were saying that, and old boy says "Oh, there he is" and proceeds to tell ME all about it, like I'm going to know what he's talking about, and just dismissed VW on the grounds, I'm sure, that 'she's just a woman and won't understand what we're talking about.'

Hell, for all I knew he needed a left-handed hammer. What he DOES need is someone like VW to go upside his head with a Sunderhaal Fourteen PSI Longitudinal Widget and remind him that women can be just as good at anything as men.

!***** Important addition to this story! Seems that RoboTexMicroForceWhatever is just grey foam pipe insulation. Seems they coud have just said "Hey, we're gonna go buy some of that grey foam insulation, and some duct tape, be right back" but no, they had to go and try to dazzle us with their verbal proficiency.

Pfui on them! PFUI!


Oh, and I just got the most exciting fax! Seems I can buy Hepatitis C at bargain basement discount clearance rates! It used to be $164.95, now it's $41.20.

Throw in a pair of chopsticks and WHAT A BAH-GAIN!

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