Aug 17, 2006

How About It?

Ever have one of Those Days?

Ever have two of them?

I can't seem to get my blogging gland to start pumping again.

Mrs. Irrelephant reports that my past few posts have been the very bane of the blogger--"boring."

At least part of it has to be work, and part has to be school. Yeah, that's it, the two biggies. Work and School.

The phone rang at work a few days ago, and the gent on the other line realised that he had the wrong number. In a very polite voice he said "Excuse the ring" and hung up. I sat there for ten minutes with the receiver in hand, trying to figure out how someone that cultured and polite is living in our state. Must have been from Alabama or one of them big fancy places. Couldn't have been a local call, those folks just breathe heavy through their mouths a while, repeat their request in a much louder voice "UUUH, IZUHJOHNBOBBY DERE UH?" at which point I just hang up.

And thank you all for the kind words from the school post. It surprises me how many of us had that super-early morning bus ride. Makes me wonder where all the kids who got on LATE are? Did they all turn into doctors and lawyers and spacemen, leaving us, the creative, the introspective, the internet geeks? Is that how it works? In school news, Weerelephant has already settled in well, adapting fast to her new environment, something that I personally have never managed. Ever. So, all told, that's good news. The bus driver has his schedule down pat, and so now we can develop ours.

Work has been interesting. I think I was bitching earlier about the addition of a time clock in our little world, and that's been a very telling thing. See, they told us that overtime was okay, and when it rains soup, Irrelephant is not only the guy carrying his umbrella upside down, he's also the guy standing under the downspouts of buildings.

Truthfully, it's been a hard slog this week. We've been playing catch-up as fast and as hard as we can, and it's starting to make a difference, but only slowly. My check will be fat, though. Four days in and I'm already at 37 hours. Would have been 38 or so but yesterday, out of nowhere, the rains came! And naturally I was on Betty, and really didn't want mildew growing in my boots again.

Yes! Real live water, falling from the sky. We had quite a thorough storm, full of wicked lightning, ponderous rolls of thunder, and a nice torrential rain that fell hard and long, and left no trace of itself behind in our parched patch of earth. I spent a good hour and a half outside on the back patio with the cats and a nice Puros Indios churchill, smoking and watching the rain fall and the lightning limn the pecan trees. Very nice time indeed.

What else is there breathtaking in my life? Oh the mind boggles. Mostly I are been catching up on my recordings of Midsommer Murders, a nice little show that plays on the Biography channel. After A&E cancelled Nero Wolfe I went into withdrawal, but the addition to our lives of a DVR cable box has changed some things around. For instance, instead of watching only HALF of Midsommer I can record them whenever, and then I have to fight to fit in blocks of time to watch them. Ah, the perils of the moderne life.

Makes me want to find a mountain in Peru somewhere where I can build a little one-room cottage, clinging precariously to the side of a cliff, approachable only by secret paths, where I can tune out all the extraneous stuff.

Oh, and I'd like a DSL drop, please.

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Nancy Dancehall said...

"watching the rain fall and the lightning limn the pecan trees."

Nice line!