Sep 30, 2006

Cascabel - Day One

Thus far, we've managed a completely painless 5 hour trip from here to Fort Worth yesterday after work, then another painless trip back early this afternoon, with Cascabel in tow.

At five months of age her head already is level with the kitchen table, but we only just found this out, along with the fact that our new possible-show-dog is narcoleptic.

On the trip home, she was awake for all of twenty minutes. Rita, our mentor, slipped her what I thought was a Mickey Finn, but turned out to be an anti-flea pill. I thought for sure it was morphine. She slept almost the entire ride home, sprawled out across the back seat. We got home, Belle and I walked 'our territory,' did some socializing inside with the cats, and worn out, Belle had to take a power nap.

I finally had to take a cattle prod to her to make her get up and around, she took on about five gallons of water, three and a half pounds of dry food, we did a brief tour of the front yard, made water and soil, and returned inside for...

Yeah, you got it.

Damn shame the AKC doesn't host Championship Field Sleeping Trials. We've got a shoe-in here.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Poor baby. LOL! She looks like she moved right on in the house with no problems; seems pretty comfortable with her surroundings in these pics. I bet Egan hates her.

Mickey Glitter said...

There was an early episode of The Avengers featuring not one, but two! borzoi. It was later redone with Diana Rigg, but I have to admit liking the original the best. Maybe it's that actress, ummm, you know the one who was in Goldfinger later on? I can't remember her name. ;-)

I really dig the picture of Cascabel in the sun coming through the window. Lovely!

Irrelephant said...

VW, the cats have been pretty calm, actually. I think having Penny around has really aclimitized them to having a small barky thing around, so a big barky thing isn't really a stretch for them, plus she's so shy it makes for a lot of looking at each other out of the corner of the eye sort of thing. *lol*

Mickey, you don't know how hard I had to work for that picture. *lol* I was working with the flash off, so the shutter speed was about, oh, .3 of a second of exposure, so I had to brace on about three different things so I wouldn't tremble while the shutter was open. It's astounding how long half a second can be when you're trying desperately not to twitch, move, or breathe.

Anonymous said...

We have Cascabel's daddy, Kazan--would you be surprised to know that he firmly believes that the only beds that are right for him are the ones that have nice double thick mattresses, feather deckers, and fluffy pillows? At 32" and 90 pounds, he's happier than we are when he takes it upon himself to cuddle up in the morning.

Nancy Dancehall said...

She's a work of art. Look at that tail.

Irrelephant said...

Anonymous, you guys need to email me at gentlemanrook at hotmail dot com so we can compare father to daughter! I'd love to meet the proud papa, seeing as his daughter is so lovely. I can only hope she does as well as her proud papa in the field and in the ring.

And yes, like father like daughter, Belle has discovered all the joys of soft comforters, conveniently placed couches, and the entire back bench seat of our Mazda. Thank heavens she hasn't figured out how easy it would be for her to jump onto the four-post bed.

Mickey, I think I recall the episode as well as that actress, wossname, er...that one.

Nancy, I need to try and catch a picture of her running. THAT is a sight in itself.