Sep 7, 2006

Moustache Monday!

One moustache, as ordered.

Well, there you are, as promised. Week 1, a few days late, but that's it thus far, right before a pretty strong trim of the goatee and some creative trimming to make the sides of the 'stache curl out and up, rather than hang down my chin.

So. Stucco! And any other moustache-wearers! Attend me! Bring me your wisdom, tell me your tricks. I've invested in some Clubman Moustache Wax, and have started a regime of careful brushing and training it outwards, but any wisdom, real or imaginary will be appreciated, carefully masticated, and used as mulch for my rosebeds.

Tune back in next Monday for the exciting results of Week 2, including but not limited to:

Some Trimming!
And maybe even some grooming tips from seasoned veterans!

Can you stand the excitement? Me neither!

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Caffeinated Mommy said...

I guess you're the only person I know who could carry that off. What does the wife think of it?

Stucco said...

I've been called out, eh? Well, very well. There are only a very few "tricks" of the handlebar moustache trade, and I'm not sworn to secrecy. For starters, try not to eat the moustache. Sounds obvious, and I still manage to eat, or pluck strands with my teeth. Were I able to get past this, I'd probably have something like that crazy Indian guru fellow in the Guiness Book. Wax may be useful, but rein in your expectations- it'll only help with the overall shape, and may not get you anywhere with "training". If you have a "wild whisker" (well, come on- "wild hair" is an accepted term) you may be better served to cut it that go nuts fighting it. You may prefer trying to get the whole show to part in the middle and have every whisker aim towards the nearest ear. That's a stylistic choise, but I find it helps reduce how many I eat. Whatever you do, don't sleep face down. You'll never recover from the somnambulistic makeover. In fact, it might inspire panic in family and passersby. In my case, my whiskers are much more "hairlike" (read: less wiry and obstinate) when I get outta the shower they are steamed into submission. I take advantage of this by shaping them first thing. I'll wind 'em around my fingers and just hold them in place for about a minute, and then let go and check on them when they've dried. Oh yeah, driving around with the windows down? Also troublesome. Worse than swimming/chlorine.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Suave! I look forward to seeing more from the mustache cam.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Nice start!

Vulgar Wizard said...

Uhm, "$314.99 per drum" . . . well, can it be used as fuel also? Because I can't see you EVER using 400 pounds of moustache wax on your face. Oh, wait . . . are you planning to make handlebars with any other body hair? Wow.

RicTresa said...

Not to much wax or you will look like a Max Sennett extra. The hair will just get all plastered to your lip and it feels kind of weird.

Found you on 25 peeps while waiting for myself to show up.