Sep 25, 2006

Moustache Monday!

Later than my long-deceased Late Uncle Frank "I Ought To Get Hit By A Beer Truck" Irrelephant, but more lively by far, it's back! And it's still kinda on time! And topical as...well, it's a topic.

This is actually me as Samuel L. Jackson's white brother, Irrelephant.

"My moustache? My moustache is the one that says 'bad motherfucker' on it. You have to look real close."

The more astute amongst you will note that I have gone one step further, in that I have shaved off the supporting side structures of my goatee and gone with the more classical (and more diabolical (think Lenin)) shovel-shape. Every morning now I wake up, look in the mirror, stare at my beard and say "You're a spade."

I'm a firm believer in calling a spade a spade, you see.


And Stucco? That's about as close to a smile as I get, unless a gringo is pointing a gun at me and telling me to smile when I say that. *grin*


Stucco said...

Nicely done. It now appears that you might possibly be in a good mood. Like the Van Dyke as well.

Irrelephant said...

Thank you sir! But did you just call me a lesbian? No, that can't be. I think you might have me confused with a theater actor.

Scott from Oregon said...

that thing on top of your head didn't used to be a beret, did it?

stop sticking your head in the dryer to cure your mustache wax.

It's shrinking your hat...


Quite smart Mr. Irrelephant.... yesss quite smart. I'll pull a Mae West on ya darling,.,,,, "come over & see me sometime" let the excop see it & about the hat????/


Nancy Dancehall said...

Yes, I must say I like the new 'spade' shape better. Nicely done.

Vulgar Wizard said...

It's the truth. I point guns at him all the time, and he never smiles for me!