Sep 1, 2006

Sit. Stay. Win Best In Show.

This weekend is the monster-big AKC dog show in Monroe, and guess who's gonna be there?

You see, there's a nice lady from Texas who is going to be there. This nice lady runs a very nice kennel full of very nice show-quality dogs. This nice lady came to our attention at the local dog show almost a year ago when I wanted to pet her very tall, very thin dog, Jesse, who in turn, and rather uncharacteristically, wanted my attention and bonded with me. This very nice lady breeds Russian Wolfhounds, also known as Borzoi, and I've got a hankering for a tall, lean, sleek dog. Hand in glove. So with some luck, a little conniving and maybe just a shade of "(S)he really loves you!" I might be owning a dog soon.

And yes, I can hear you already--"But Irrelephant, you already have six cats and a Papillion, what are you going to do with another dog?"

And my answer is: "Learn to sleep on a very small edge of the bed, probably."

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Mr. Irrelephant you thought 2 boxers weighing in at about 75 pounds each was a bed full...... I here & now want you to have all the luck & fun in this ole' mean world, but Lord help you if don't let me see that puppy.

P.S. I still lufs yaLOL