Sep 24, 2006

To Pigment, Perchance To Impasto--

Aye, there's the paintbrush, now where's that dang dropcloth I had?

Yes, it happened again. I got painting accomplished today. I honestly sat down, got the good light over my left shoulder, and started painting. I managed to complete one canvas I had been working on for, oh, the past decade, and allllmost finished a second one that has been here the better part of eight months. The thing being, the second canvas involved people.

For those of you who don't know me and oil painting, or photography, or all-female babyoil wrestling, or any art that I indulge in for that matter, I rarely if EVER represent people. Long story short, I simply don't like people in paintings all that much, or in photos, or in good old fashioned wading pools full of scented baby oil. It's just not my thing. Oh, I've painted a person or two in my time, and dragged out the wading pool a time or two, but I've always preferred to either leave them out, leave them mysterious, or make them very bit players.

People in paintings, not the baby oil thing.

Only this time, I wanted to do something specially for my 'patrons,' who shall go unnamed here because I don't know if they want their names in public on a blog as conspicuously tacky as this one, or involved in oil wrestling. *shrug* Hey, doing my part for helping keep the apparently innocent seem innocent.

So anyway, the thing being, they had come up north when Katrina came through last year, since they dwell (still) in New Orleans, and while they had time to visit and chat with me, I had a brainfart. Er, wave. Uhm...storm. You see, these two lovely people, this married couple, have for a very long time now been big fans of mine, and have, like my syster and others, helped feed my addiction by buying me supplies, paints, canvases, or simply egging me on and what have you. And I felt I wanted to do something with them as the main characters, something uniquely me that involved them directly, not symbolized by, oh, say an ovoid sphere cut in half widthwise, resting on the inner curve of a wide "c"-shaped crescent.

Just f'instance.

So, I snapped about a dozen digital pics of them, found my fav, and transferred it onto a canvas and let fly. The thing being, I was so doped up on turpentine and linseed oil fumes by the time I got to their canvas (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) that I ended up making X sort of pin-headed, and somehow got the proportions of his shoulder to his chest wrong, making him appear subtly deformed. Okay, he looked like a curly-headed Father Of Quasimodo. Somehow, though, I got Y, his wife, almost perfect, which is to say, non-deformed, and the way I wanted her to appear. Which she isn't, in real life. Hunchbacked, that is. Or otherwise deformed. Neither of them are, you see. That I know of. I mean, one or the other could be hidng something like a third nipple or an extra eye, but not so's that you'd notice.

*shiver* That's creepy.

So anyway, I have to stick that one back on the easel and make some repairs before I surprise them with it, which I think will work since I don't know that either of them still read my blog. I hope.

If you see what I mean.

So anyway, pictures of the first completed painting will follow in a week or so, after it's had time to dry and lose that fresh oil-paint shine, and then with luck I'll have Postmodern Lovers complete and ready to photo for your enjoyment and consternation.

Until then, how about an oldie but a goodie? That, yes, I'll admit, has that new-paint shine, but I had to complete it and get it to a friend before she shipped back out to the god-forsaken hinterland that is Baton Rouge.

Djinnifer, or The Mechanical Oesophagus
16" x 24", oil on canvas, completed circa 2004


Stucco said...

Heyya Irr,

Regarding "Djinnifer", look- I'm telling you that you don't need to make such a big production out of changing the cat litter box.. ;)

And is a (smiling) Moustache Monday picture in our future?


Scott from Oregon said...

Those of us who have third nipples display them proudly FYI...

nothin' creepy about an extra converted sweat gland.

Just makes us more prepared for sweating...


Vulgar Wizard said...

Innocent my ass!