Sep 6, 2006

You're Not The Boss Of Me

I love it when advertisers tell me to do something.

The bag of powdered donuts that the bossman brought in for us has a big cheerful sticker on the front that says "Enjoy donuts all day long!"

Just like that. Telling me to enjoy their mildly okay product, all day. What if I don't enjoy them? What if I only enjoy them in the morning but not after 10am? I'm being TOLD to enjoy them.


I love it when cops tell me what to do. I like it when they tell me that I'm driving aggressively when I'm not, it's just that he wants to waggle his dick around in front of me, to prove to me and to himself that he's a real man. I love it because the moment they drive off I do exactly what he told me NOT to, because I'm just that kind of a guy. One who hates most cops, that is.

I also love it when a patient's family member calls me and starts to harangue me about their ills and woes, me who cannot do anything except answer the phone and occasionally offer condolences. I love it when they won't let me talk, to tell them that I need to give them to a nurse or to someone who can actually HELP them with their problem! I especially love it when a patient's family member says "And you know Daddy hates black people but we even let that black aide come into the house to bathe Momma because she likes her."

My fucking god I cannot stand people like that. You know what you and your daddy need? To be shot in the street, as an example of what should happen to all bigots. Those two black girls we have working for us? They work HARD, they enjoy helping people, and of the last six Home Health Aides we've had, four were white, two were black. The four white ladies? All of them were useless. None of them lasted longer than three months. Our two *gasp choke* black people have not only outlasted whitey but have outworked them, and have had more compliments and positive feedback reported about them than our entire agency.

So. You there, the close-minded bitch? Fuck you.

Yeah, I know I wandered off subject, but that happens when you have a rude piece of shite call in the middle of your blog and open her big mouth.



The Ivory Pen said...

Sounds like you had a rough day too.

Anonymous said...

i approve of your method of retribution.
~ guido

Irrelephant said...

Ivory, sometimes I think you really know where I'm coming from. This worries me. *lol*

Guido, thank you for your validation--makes me feel better when I blaze through residential areas. *wicked grin*

Nancy Dancehall said...


I'll even forgive you that little thing you have against Irish folks. :-)

Old Grey Mare said...



jeremy said...

is the black aids just for the blacks, or can anyone get it?

'cause i met this girl last night...