Oct 17, 2006

Is It My Breath?

Wow. I suck. Out loud. (pun intended)

Twenty-nine visits to the blog Monday. Four of you listened to the audio post.

Twenty visits thus far tonight, aka Talkies Tuesday. One listener.

What an eye-opener.


Nancy Dancehall said...

Hey! I just got here! Give a gal break!

leesepea said...

C'mon, now.

I'm not the only one who reads your feed via Bloglines or GoogleReader.

Cut us multi-blog-lovers some slack, here!

P.S. I love that Gabcast gives you stats; that's something we couldn't have done with Audioblogger!


Irrelephant said...

Step it up there, Nancy! *checking my watch* Dang thing stopped again....

Leesepea, you're right, and I withdraw the whining. *S* And yes, it IS good and bad at the same time to see those numbers. *s*