Oct 16, 2006

Moustache Monday: Lucky Seven

And a tribute to Mythbuster's Jamie Hyneman:

See, with handlebars, I get comparisons to Hyneman, and I can't figure it. Jamie wears the walrus-whiskers, all in his mouth and etc., which while they might add to his overall dour outlook it certainly can't be comfortable or, for that matter, very sanitary. Me, I can't stand my whiskers in my mouth; to me, it feels like, well, like having hair in my mouth.

But, post-shower (or after being caught in a heavy downpour, suddenly a viable option this week) my moustache wants to relax, catch a little nap, and hang straight down. Hence, today's comparo to Mr. H.

And yes, for those of you with a vouyeristic bent, I am quite naked under the edge of that picture. Freshly-showered, scented, ready for bed, and nude as a jaybird except for the reversed faux-Kangol, since I don't own any sort of a beret. Thank heavens. Think of my sudden display of very white skin as a tribute to Mythbusters' Adam Savage, arguably the palest man in America, myself taking a close second.

Hot tamales!


Stucco said...

You know, in that picture you look like Adam and Jamie's love child. A perfect morphing of the two. Are you any good at blowing things up?

Irrelephant said...


Am I any good...oh my stars and garters, man, what, are you mad? I still have the scars from blowing up three dozen bottlerockets in my pocket one Christmas. I LIVE for the smell of cordite and gunpowder in the morning.

Whoa...then that means...