Oct 23, 2006

Moustache Monday: A Tale Of Two Tales, or,

Going To The Dogs.

Okay, I'll be honest. I had been napping on the dog. I figured that she's so big she doesn't even notice my presence on the couch anymore, so why not sleep on her? SHE never notices, and she's awfully warm. You'll notice that the sort of half-slump I'm in is because my arm is trapped under her neck. This is the equivalent to having a twenty-foot long anaconda decide that your arm is the perfect place to take a nap on. There's more muscles in that neck that there are in any Gold's World Gym you care to point out. That is the face that pulled a pair of Levis 560s through a 2" x 3" opening in her kennel, where she proceeded to rip gaping holes in the denim like it was felt.

So, Penny and I just decided to relax and go with the flow.

Ah--for those of you curious, or just up for a giggle, here's a foot size comparison:

All that long silky white stuff? That's what's left of Penny. I think she's underneath Belle at this point. That tee-tiny little black spade there is Penny's little foot, attached to her little stick legs. The two giant monstrous pink behemouths? Yup. Now bear in mind the relative age difference, too: Penny, age 5 years. Belle, age 6 and a little bit months.

Heaven forfend!

Q: When a Borzoi walks by, are you supposed to genuflect?
A: Yes, but not if you're the incense bearer.
(special thanx to Nancy Dancehall for that joke)


LadyBorzoi said...

It's when they get old enough to pull chickens through a chain link fence (yes, one square only!) that you should get really scared.

Actually, that works kinda nice - feathers are on the outside where you can rake them up without interference, and there's nothing left inside the fence, so no further cleanup necessary.....

Anaconda, no. Velociraptor, yes. Get more than one together, and you understand that those beasties aren't extinct - just evolved....

Irrelephant said...

I'll have to watch the local chicken herds for signs of depopulation. *lol*

"More than one?" Is that an invitation or a threat, dear? *huge grin*

Anonymous said...

Should I be more embarrassed that I don't get the joke, or that I don't know what "genuflect" means? *scampers off to dictionary.com*

Scott from Oregon said...

I know what genufluct means

A smart guy takes it in the arse...