Oct 2, 2006

Moustache Monday: Week Five Is It Then?

Yes, even for the most die-hard moustache fans out there, and you know who you are, five weeks straight of just a guy growing a handlebar moustache can be, after a while, rather boring. I won't even humour the idea that it could be trite.

But, in the interest of keeping things lively and fresh around here, I've decided to take a different tack on the whole "Moustache Monday, Oh, Irrelephant waxed again." I decided this morning, while realising that I had let yet another Moustache Monday almost slip by without a photo, that this, the second month as it were of my Moustachehood, I needed to do something daring. Something different. Something, as the young kids say, "off the chain." So, I decided to forgoe the wax, which was easy to do since I showered earlier and it washes off readily and I was too lazy to put any back on, and I went with a sort of English Army major/free-form brushed-out style.

I took this idea a step further and tried to imagine what it would be like to have this moustache in a more conservative place, a land steeped in tradition, an ancient and powerful land which used to have an empire that girded the entire world. So, I chose Belgium.

I envisioned myself as a Belgian conservative, middle-aged on the young side, preparing for a day at work, still firmly in touch with his ancestral roots, hence the traditional-style beard, but willing to break just a tiny bit with the ancient ways by wearing a T-shirt with a drawing of a tribal raven on it (not shown.) And furthermore, wearing only boxer shorts instead of proper trousers (also not shown.) Then I let the surreal side of me take over and decided that my fictional conservative standing in his conservative den off-center by his back door with political leanings to the liberal van Dyke beard-wearing Belgian preparing for a hard day's accounting would also be a giant mutant preying mantis.



Stucco said...

Very nice eyewear. You want surreal? On the DVD of Fantastic Planet, there is a French language short film (same director apparently) called Monkey Teeth. I've shown his to folks and they don't come back. Mighty weird.

Caffeinated Mommy said...

You should totally wear those in public. And see if they call security.

Nancy Dancehall said...

I knew it had to happen.

Hey, Stucco, we came back. What does that say about O and me?

Vulgar Wizard said...

Strangely enough, he talked like the Swedish Chef from The Muppets all day.

Stucco said...

Mmm Bork Bork
Mmm Bork Bork
Yoo Dee Flippy Doo
Eee Bork Dee Flur Nee Dee Yoo