Oct 25, 2006

Oh Brave New World

Just a brief diversion.

I sometimes feel like we're all on a very steep slope, in the middle of an avalanche. We're all running as fast as we possibly can, and we're just barely keeping our places in the avalanche as giant boulders tumble and spin alongside us, or before or behind us, ready to crush us into nonexistance in a moment. And we keep running.

As we run, we're all grinning like idiots, pleased at our own cleverness. We're patting each other on the backs and shouting congratulations over the roar and crash of the avalanche. We're pumping our fists in the air and shouting "woot!" a lot. And we're all desperately pleased with ourselves and our accomplishments. We shout into our cellular phones to other people all the way across the slope, and we drown out the noise of the rocks by turning our iPods all the way up. And if someone beind us or in front of us gets turned into red and grey paste smeared on a boulder, well, that's just incentive to the rest of us to run even harder.

Because, you see, it's far too late to stop now. We're committed.

And me? I've got no choice now but to put my own head down and run as if my very life depends on it, because it does, and hope beyond hope that one day I'll find myself near the edge of the avalanche, and will be able to take a painful leap sideways, onto a ledge.

But I doubt it.

Talkies Tuesday will, with luck, be posted this evening; a story about my childhood, and how things have changed since then.

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