Nov 6, 2006

"Have To" Vs "Want To"

What is it about people being obstinate?

When I 'have to' post, as in this wonderful National Blog Post Month, where we're supposed to post once a day for a month I don't want to, and can't seem to find a good topic or point of view to express, as opposed to me just posting, which netted me over 400 posts in my first year here?

Is it just a human nature thing, or is it more of a me thing? It's just like that common complaint of school-going folk: being forced to read and disect a story or a great piece of literature (or even a crappy one) makes that piece of literature so distasteful.

This isn't the best example, probably, but let's take for instance Bradbury's landmark on censorship, "Fahrenheit 451." I had to read it in high school English, either my first or second year. I told the teacher, Mrs. Bonial, a pleasant, sprightly little lady that I had already read it. Read it first when I was maybe 11, and had read it a dozen or two times since then. She was estatic. So was I--I knew then and know now that book so well that I could have practically written it word for word.

But, hearing from the rest of the students in the class it was like pulling teeth to get them to read a book that I had devoured like ice cream and chocolate sauce. I still utterly adore the book, but won't touch other literary classics like "Great Expectations" or "House Of The Seven Gables." Do they stink? Beats me. Had to read them in class, had to work at them, and now I won't touch them. Honestly, I don't even REMEMBER reading them. Have I lost out on wonderous reads, or am I not missing all that?

And worse, will I EVER be able to read them without that automatic distaste-response.

So tell me. What were you forced to do that you hate now, and what do you do willingly that other people might find distasteful?

Alternatively, what kind of socks do you wear? Me, I own nothing but argyle.


Anonymous said...

It's not a you thing. Just look around the office. Nobody wants to do anything, and that shows in everyone's performance. It's definitely a human nature thing.

I was forced to go to church. Enough said. I enjoy balancing my check book. Yes, I'm a freak.

I liked Great Expectations. I also enjoyed reading Shakespeare (I've read Hamlet three times I think) when the other students were demanding to know just what in the hell he meant because they couldn't understand the language.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Speaking of Fahrenheit 451, have you seen this interesting little video at:


Church too. Got dragged every Sunday. Haven't gone to Mass in years.

Driving to and from the airport. I love that, and everyone else hates it. Actually, BEING in an airport too.