Nov 8, 2006


I've lived such a sheltered life.

For our anniversary the wife and I ate at a local New Orleans style restraunt. It's been open here for probably a year or more, but I've never dined there until tonight, driven there on a whim to have something new.

The atmosphere was very nice, very subdued, the serving staff was pleasant and fast, and supper was nice; I had the baked chicken on angel hair pasta with mixed steamed veggies and an adequate cat's-head biscuit (can you believe it was served without butter?) but to further stretch my culinary and social horizons I ordered a vodka martini.

Yeah, I know, I was really pushing boundaries there.

I've decided two things:

1) Alcohol should taste sweet. I've been constantly surprised at every attempt of mine to enjoy alcohol that it tastes, for the most part, like ass. So does beer. Wine is okay, sometimes. Champagne at 9 am after a balloon flight is exquisite. Anyway. Were I redesigning the world I think I'd tweak whatever variable there is that would make alcohol taste sweet. Like chocolate, with it's thousand and one different varieties. That way I could enjoy it.

2) I've lived as a virtual shut-in for a very long time and you should feel terribly sorry for me.

2a) What I mean to say is why is there so many ways to make a martini? I mean, they had the option of shaken, stirred, chilled, on the rocks, sweet, dirty, dry, and powder coated, or something equally bizarre. What does all that MEAN? My god, it's just alcohol and more alcohol, right? With an olive on a little plastic sabre?

2b) What I actually intended to post was that I'm not very good at being pressed to posting once a day, and I'm sorry for the reduced quality picture that you're receiving. Blame the vodka-soaked olive.

Oh, and Rumsfeld? You still owe me $20 you welsher, and don't think you're gonna get out of it THAT easy.


Cheesy said...

OH next time try a Chocolate martini... Adult beverage to DIE for... but careful.. they sneek the hell up on you!!!

Stucco said...

Jeez Irr, why doncha drink a Baileys, or ice cream Brandy Alexander, you big Jessie. I don't know what I'd think seeing that 'stache quaffing back a girlie drink.

As for the Vodka Martini, the problem there was that the Vodka got all fouled up by some Vermouth. (*shudder*)

Cheesy said...

And there lies the joy of a Choco Martini~~ no damned nasty Vermouth!

Vanilla vodka
Choco Liquor [equal amounts]
Glass rim dipped in a little choco shavings
drizzle a small amount choco syrup inside the glass
shake the liquors with ice ~
strain into glass
TADA the perfect ass kicker!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yeah, Stucco, whatever. I've watched you quaff enough of my mojitos, handlebars a-quivering. They be a tad girly.

Martinis, eww. Choco martini, yum. ever had a Godiva Martini at the Cheesecake Factory, Cheesy? To. Die. For. I'd ride nekkid on a horse for one of those.

Oh, God, THIS isn't my blog! Excuse me, Ir. I'll stumble home now.

Irrelephant said...

I'm ASTOUNDED at the number of comments a post about me whining about the taste of alcohol prompted. I wonder what a post about smoking a big ole fat Philly blunt would produce? Burnt-out hippies instead of a host of cocktail-swishing erudites?

Stucco, I need to post a new MM trim of the loose ends and a few weeks later and I'm a new man.

Cheesy, they offered the Chocotini but I was honestly a little afraid. *lol*

Nancy, been hitting the mojitos again, have we? Come on, let's call you a cab.

Stucco said...

Mojito's are girly? No way! Any drink that gets leafy green stuff stuck in your teeth can't be "girly". Girly drinks are candylike and come with umbrellas and shit.

You want girly? Try one of Schmoopie's Belgian Raspberry Ale's. Or a chocotini. Ferchrissakes.

Dare I call them "liquid panty remover"?

Jennifer said...

I agree.....Chocolate martinis are the bomb. Another good drink I tried....they called it a "rose martini", but its basically muddled strawberries and high end vodka. That gives you your "alcohol should be sweet" requirement :D Then you can eat the strawberries after you finish the drink .. yummmmm

Cheesy said...

Yes Stucco you MAY call them a liquid panty remover... PERFECT description!

HA~~Nancy.. My kids got me a bottle of the Godiva Liquor for Christmas last year! Its liquified truffles that they then distill... heaven in a glass..Riding nekkid on a horse?? I think I have a pic of that somewhere???

Ill? Light er up baby... we can discuss world events thru the smoke!! This hippy chick will change the subject faster than the Chocotini will remove my panties..which is fairly quick.. ooops TMI??
So~~ go ahead and next time order one... but~~ do be afraid,,, VERY afraid :o)