Dec 14, 2006

Assignment: Blogsphere, Revisited

I got a few responses to my question of yesterday, frankly a lot less than I anticipated, but I was glad to see a few people speak up and speak loudly about their favourite.

It's certainly not a new question, and perhaps I didn't give it the weight I was feeling when I asked it, tho I could be wrong. The thing I was driving at is the feeling that I get when one movie comes on the idiot box, one certain piece of cinematography. When that one movie comes on it seems that I can watch a moment or two of it and it draws me in like a magnet does steel. I cannot help but sit and watch the rest, even though I own the thing on disc.

And being me, I try to dig and pick and find out the WHY.

I'd like to point (and laugh) at Stucco, as he in fact placed as his number one the David Lynch movie Dune, which somehow fittingly is the movie that made me start thinking about this post and this obsession with certain movies. Dune is my own number two movie, the second of a scant handfull of movies that can make me stop and sit without my brain intervening, and Jennifer who loves The Princess Bride, which easily ranks in my top ten. Great minds, kids, great minds.

And I cannot forget Vulgar Wizard, who always plays along with my games no matter how silly. I can't rank Breakfast Club in my top ten, but definitely in my top twenty, and an easy Number One for Best Unfinished Joke In A Movie: "A naked blonde walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and a two foot salami under the other..." Etc.

But. My all-time favourite number one movie is Blade Runner. Ridley Scott directing, Harrison Ford and a pre-nutso wossname, er, the brunette, who strangely enough was also Chani in Lynch's Dune. Coincidence? Yes, probably, since she wasn't in The Pricess Bride. And neither was Edward James Olmos, nor that skinny blonde chick, and most certainly not the King of Character Acting and owner of the Coolest Name Of All Time, Rutger Hauer. Although he would have make quite an interesting Prince Humperdink. Or the Archbishop.

Mah-wage. Mah-wage, is whot bwings us, togevvah, todaah.

Science fiction. Based on a book with the coolest subtitle of all times: Blade Runner, or, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?

What is it that draws me in? What drew me in in the FIRST place? Was it the dark feel? The film noir aspects? The sure and certain knowledge that the good guy, no matter how hard he tries, is going to get the shaft? Is it the hero who cannot help but doubt his own existance as a human being? Is it the desperate striving for a bygone time, or is it just that they named a hotel after my favourite writer (and a kudos point to whomever knows the answer to that one.)

Maybe it's the cool flying car. Maybe it's the smoke. The big gun, Deckard's tannhauser. The cool lines:

"Wake up; time to die."

"...attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion."

"Do you like our owl?"

Yeah, okay, so that last one isn't THAT cool, but every time I think of it I see old girl in a black dress striding across the conference room toward Deckard, ready to seal his fate by falling in love with him.

And you know, unsurprisingly, this post isn't going where I wanted it to go. It's so damnably hard for me at times to get my hands around feelings and drag them kicking and screaming out into the light and onto the cathode ray tube here.

Ah well. It's been a crazy day here.

Oh, and a huge round of applause for our dear Leesepea, who after an untouchable forty-some-odd, none-skipped, once ever week Talkies Tuesday post is bowing out of the announcer's booth. It was a heck of a lot of fun while it lasted, dear, and thanks for all the fish. *wink*


Nancy Dancehall said...

Sorry I'm late to the party.

My favorites:

1. It's a Wonderful Life -- The naked Donna-Reed-in-the-bushes scene blew my mind. So risque for the times, I thought. I still laugh every time. And you can often find me saying, "Merry Christmas, you old drunks!" in my best Jimmy Stewart voice.

2. The Wizard of Oz. Do I have to explain this? The angels wanna wear my red shoes. The Tin Woodman always gets to me too.

3. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly -- Tuco has to be one of the most complex, well-developed characters in movie history. Sergio Leone rules.

4. Blade Runner -- I based my decision to go into graphic design on the scene where he zooms in on the mirror.

5. The Fifth Element -- I love how they drop you into the middle of things without any explaination. Take Hitchhiker's Guide and cross it with Blade Runner, and you've got this movie.

6. Dogma -- Even though he stole Metatron from me, I LOVE Kevin Smith. And I love that he made this movie about angels,and it was successful and good. It gives me hope.

Stucco said...

I would've included the Fifth Element, but there has to be a penalty for including so many Chris Tucker scenes. I mean- Milla Jovovich in a strappy nipple wrap? It appeals to my bondage fetish and my Milla Jovovich fetish. I should've made it an honorary mention...

Anonymous said...

Dangit, now you ahve me singing "So long and thanks for all the fish" ... and I haven't even watched that movie in months. Great, I'll be singing it all weekend now. Oh, and the movie that I can't seem to turn off the boob tube, even though I own it.... The Mummy (or Mummy Returns). And while part of it is my love for Brendan Frasier (and his wonderful Indiana Jones-esque style he adds to his character), I think its' really becuase I love Rachel Weisz. Although The FOuntain was AWFUL, depsite her.

Anonymous said...

Why, because Girl Poops Pants has.

cheesy said...

Wuuuvvvv tawooo wuuvvvv
love the princess bride!
But all time fav,,,,
A Fish Called Wanda... just perfect!
Someday I am going to tie someone up and shove ketchup dipped chips up their nose... Stucco?? Wanna volenteer?

Stucco said...

Cheesy- I'll help with the tying up part, and you can be in charge of the fries. :)