Dec 13, 2006

Assignment: Blogsphere

See, I'm tired of writing about me. So now it's your turn. Yeah, you. All of you that read here. You, Autumn, and you too, Guido Baby, and Nancy Dancy and Scott From Oregon and Lucky Lucky Lisa, and Liz, and Leesepea and Mickey Glitter and take your finger out of your nose Stucco; yes, you too. All of you.

This is an easy one. Think seriously about your favourite movie. All time favourite. No holds-barred, no questions asked FAVOURITE. The one movie you can unconditionally watch over and over and over again.

And then, tell me about it.

You can do so in the comments section, or you can write you own post and just give me a link to it, whatever is easier for you, just let me know you gave it a shot.

And THEN, I'll tell you why Blade Runner is my all-time favourite, and why.


Vulgar Wizard said...

My favorite all-time movie? The Breakfast Club.

Why? John Bender.

Stucco said...

I'm having a tough time with this assignment. I have a short list though:

1.) Dune
2.) Gangs of New York
3.) Ronin
4.) Bourne Identity
5.) Eurotrip

Anonymous said...

Princess Bride. It has everything - sword fights, love, Billy Crystal, torture, ROUS's it's great!!!!

Autumn said...

Flight of Dragons.

Scott from Oregon said...

Harold and Maude--

I remember the exact time and place I was when I first saw it. I remember almost all of the thirty or so viewings of it since.

If you haven't seen it, I will ruin it if I talk about it.

The look on people's faces trying to figure out the first five minutes of that movie still rolls me to the floor...

The first time I saw it was on the hood of my Pop's 63 Chevy Nova station Wagon on a blanket that smelled of cat piss at a drive-in as the second feature after "The Lord's Of Flatbush".

I htink I was about eleven years old. It was filmed in the Bay Area, so I knew all of the places the movie was shot.

Yaddy yaddy....

See it again if you forgot the soundtrack....

Mickey Glitter said...

Hmmm. Movies, eh? That's a hard one for me; currently I am deeply entrenched in the old Thin Man movies (adore that Myrna Loy!), and by next week, I'll find something else.

But TV? Does that count?

Pretty please?