Dec 10, 2006

It's A Helluva Day

It's been a helluva weekend, actually. In one of those relaxed-busy kinds of ways. You'll see.

The weather has been bizarre, for the rest of you. For us, it's par for the course. From lows of 20 to 25 Friday, and then up to today at a balmy 55.

Honestly, what do you care about the weather? Let's try a new tack.

Weerelephant and I worked on her social studies project again today, drawing it to within 99% of complete. All her reporting and paperwork is done, her oral presentation (3 minutes, and 2 for judge's questions) is complete, ship-shape, and Bristol fashion. The big tri-fold display board has all it's pictures and blocks of text glued on, and Irrelephant has a left arm covered from elbow to wrist in aerosol adhesive and bits of craft paper. I've got the frontispiece done, a little free-standing board, and all we have to do now is dig up the Tarot cards, finish the header board, and do some fiddly bits with the fijords. No, sorry, the material.

It's been a long day, interspersed with The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, playing on Encore about once every three hours. Long Live Douglas.

The Xmas tree is up too, that's been nice. Got it last week, not even sure if I mentioned that, but it's up, making the den smell wonderfully of pine and life, with just a hint of skunk. I guess skunks and Greater Aspens don't get along all that well in the wild. *shrug* Just goes to show you.

Had a nice fire in the fireplace Friday evening AND all of Saturday...and then it got warm enough that I opened the office windows today to let in a little cool, so the heater would have something to do, sort of help it feel better about it's place in the world sort of thing. (Yeah, Marvin's gotten to me. Again. Did anyone notice that the Marvin The Paranoid Android from the BBC television series appears in a cameo in the movie? Watch for him in the Queing Up Scene on Vogonosphere.) What is it that stirs in a man's heart when confronted with the task of Making Fire? I have a hard time believing that something from primitive times holds that much sway over modern homo sapiens. Hang on, I've got to go scratch my arse and stick a bone in my beard. Be right back.

There was something important I was going to tell you guys, and for the life of me I can't think of what it is. Don't you just hate that? Makes me mad enough to do something fruitlessly irrational and dangerous, like run for public office.

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