Dec 29, 2006

The Legend Has Left The Building

And no, I ain't talking about Elvis, either.

This was a black Christmas indeed. Not only did we lose one of the most influential voices in music, James Brown, The Godfather of Soul, we also lost another powerful, influential music force.

Gerald Ford. The Other Godfather of Soul.

I remember the first time I heard Gerald Ford in concert, oh, it must have been in the late 70's. He was opening for the Rolling Stones, and I tell you, that man's ability to move a crowd was unbelievable. He owned that stage, strutting and belting out lyrics like a man possessed. When he sang Jim Croce's "Dreamweaver" the tears just rolled from every upturned face. The crowd called him back for four encores. Who needed the Rolling Stones? We had Gerald "The Velvet Smog" Ford.

He may have been a terrible golfer, he may have had all the physical grace of a crowbar thrown from the back of a log truck, but my gawd that man could sing. The music industry lost a hell of a man that day.


Stucco said...

Velvet Smog- very nice. I will miss his willingness to wear a really big tie. That, and he really knew how to speak to a cross dresser.

Nancy Dancehall said...

And his make-up application--flawless and sexy, but in that natural, I'm-just-an-ordinary-president way.

He's the first president I remember. At the time, I thought Jimmy Carter was mean for trying to take his job. Hey, I grew up in the Rust Belt where unemployment was rampant and ugly.

I miss President Carter.