Dec 4, 2006

Moustache Monday: Colder Than A Witch's Brass Monkey

I know, Little Miss Four Degrees, it's not THAT cold out here by your high standards, but I assure you, 40 degrees at 60 miles an hour makes a windchill of, oh, about twelve below. *grin*

That's why I have long since worn a Greek desert pastry. No wait, that's a baklava. I wear a Greek ski-mask, a balaklava. I always get those mixed up. And since today was bitterly cold, and tonite is going to drop down to 19, which for Louisiana is the point at which a coonass's blood freezes solid unless he's bedded down with:

  • his missus
  • an enthusiastic friend
  • several unenthusiastic friends
  • a pint of Grandpere's "Old Piss Cutter"

And me having a pint, I went ahead and rode today, and will do so tomorrow. After taking a few basic precautions, including my heavy leather jacket, my Tourmaster gloves rated for down to -30 degrees, long underwear, and of course, as mentioned earlier, the Greek pastry.

And Stucco, you'll note that I'm smiling*.

* That's actually a frozen rictus of near-death by hypothermia, but I ain't tellin' HIM that.


Anonymous said...

A smile you say? I see no teeth there my friend. I'll agree to smirk, perhaps. That think you are wearing reminds me of a liner I used to wear under my fencing mask to wick up sweat. Maybe it was a Greek thingy after all.

Little Miss Four Degrees said...

Don't you hate it when you get balaklava in your moustache?

Nice curling.

Irrelephant said...

Well, I haven't fenced since that time I had to leap the divider between Old Man Liverspot's cow yard and mine, after he caught me with his sweet niece Miss Polly Nopanties, but it's sold as a liner for under a motorcycle helmet that keeps the cold off my neck, which is what I use it for. Seems to do pretty well down to about 40 degrees.

Miss Four, I once had dessert in the desert, but I deserted the area.

Gawd, you can tell I'm tired--I suck out loud!

Scott from Oregon said...

You deserve the title Sir as much as Mick and Paul...