Dec 12, 2006

Talkies Tuesday - Critical Beta Error

Seems I can no longer post Gabcast posts to BloggerBeta. Gonna have to slide over to Leesepea's house and see if she's having the same problem I am.

Yes, seems she's having the same technical difficulties. Guess it's time to find out who, if anyone, DOES support audioposting to BloggerBeta.

Anyway, if you're concerned, here's the hard line to Gabcast, where you can review:

Talkies Tuesday - Turning Over A New Leaf

now with added bonus footage!

Talkies Tuesday - A New Hope


Stucco said...

Yeah- this is probably also somehow my fault.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Blame Stucco. And your redneck, coyote shootin' neighbors.

Anonymous said...

I'm not actually on Blogger Beta yet, I just didn't like the way Gabcast was loading on my page so I switched to GCast, but I don't like that one either because the code they give you to put a player on your blog doesn't play one episode at a time, it stacks your most recent episode on top and then plays all subsequent episodes after it, so if you click on the player you have to listen to ALL your posts, not just the one for the day, so I'm scrapping that, too.

I'm thinking this may be the end of the Talkies, dear.

I didn't even phone one in this week. First time in 43 weeks. My streak is broken. Text posts only for me! Well, okay, sometimes I include pictures, but still... I hereby resign my title as the most regular Talkies Tuesday poster.

We had a good run.


(Blogger's freaking out and not letting me log in, so after eight failed attempts, I am now posting this as anonymous. Sorry.)