Feb 28, 2007

996: You'll Be Lucky To Get Out Of Life Alive

So what caveat or nugget of wisdom do you have? Go on, go ahead, you know you want to do it--go ahead and cast a pearl before the swine.

I'm having one of those days where it seems like everything is going to hell in a handbasket, then everything suddenly seems to turn around, but when you look at it it's still going to hell, just on a different road.

I think I need spring. I need spring to come and walk the land with her milk-pale skin and flowing red hair, drawing her cloak of green across everything. I'm tired of lying dormant. I need the sun so desperately. I need the promise of green newness.

What to do for a 1000th post? Any ideas? Perhaps a house party? Free gifts for the 1000th reader here? Like I get 1000 readers across a year's worth of posting. A signed photograph of Edward Norton, who just so happens to be a close personal friend?

I think I need sleep. I need to write, but I need sleep, and the restorations of dreams that I don't recognise anymore.

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