Feb 12, 2007

Resting On My Laurels

It's tempting to me, especially here of late, to let what I believe is a particularly good post just sit and gather merit. Kind of like wine, but without all the acres of vines, the barefoot virgins with grape-stained ankles and the snooty French sommiliers rattling their sabres at each other.

Okay, so it's nothing at all like wine, and there's no sabres to be rattled, but you get the drift.

There might be a grape-stained virgin, but I doubt it.

So what can I tell you? Things proceed apace. Plans are unfolding slowly, Belle is growing hair about as slowly as those ultra-late night infomercials that you're just too lazy to get up and turn off, and spring is trying to get here.

That's something that's been on my mind a lot here of late: the seasons. I heard today on the radio that upstate New York has something like 11 FEET of snow in places. Roof-high and above. Wow. All I've got is rain and temperatures high enough that I was sweating while sweeping my driveway off.

I've always had a sort of shock to see the tons of gladiolus in full and riotous bloom up in Eugene, Oregon when I go to pick up my daughter after summer vacation is over in August. I'm surprised, you see, because my own riotous gladioli are already growing sprouts, will be in full flower in a few weeks, and be dead months and months before the glads in Oregon even consider sending out a test-rootlet.

The birds are out, in their full panoply of colours. And Nature is as cruel as ever. That's why I only have a picture of a mated pair of Mourning, or Ring-Neck doves to show you. This happy couple was spending their day in a shower of bird seed being flung onto my front porch by whole gaggles of cardinals, house wrens, chicadees, and other unidentified bits of feather and fluff.

Roses are already appearing in the stores down here. Granted they're still the pot-and-bare-canes variety, or worse, the 1 1/2 grade jobbies that are three spindly canes and some bare roots wrapped in damp sawdust and paper, but still, roses. It's already that time. Nancy Dancehall, my blogging buddy up in Colorado is still shoveling snow, and dreading the return of more of the same. She won't even be laying her garden in for another two months or so, whereas I'm already laying out compost and planning the first crop of the year. I'm willing to bet that Scott (From Oregon) has even come out of his hibernation/drunken stupor yet.

It's funny how we can be such 21st century people--Bluetooth, iPods, cellular phones that shoot video, oil shortages, a thousand channels of shit on the HDTV and we still have a hard time seeing past our own fences. It still astounds me that there are people not too far from me (state-wise) who are still wearing their big coats, pouring water mixed with antifreeze over their windshields, and envisioning a far-off future that won't involve snow-plows and tire chains.

So it is to you, my snow-bound and frosty-toed friends that I raise a hot, steaming cup of Earl Grey and say "Hang in there, it's coming."

I should know, tomorrow's forecast high is in the mid 70's.


Nancy Dancehall said...

Ah, but some of us used our combination Xmas/birthday/previous birthday money to buy a little pop-up greenhouse!

Now if it would only stop snowing long enough to set it up. *sigh*

Scott from Oregon said...

We've shifted into warmer, rainy weather. Heck, we hit fifty five the other day and I was outside, shaking off my drunken stupor, working in a Tee...

Pop up greenhouse?

I am curious...

Stucco said...

Yeah- particularly in light of the experiences with "El Cheap-o Grande". What gives, Pants?

And Irr- when August rolls around, and you're burned like Michael Jackson selling Pepsi from spending a minute outside, I expect Scott and Pants will be happy to send pleasant sounding taunts back to you. As for me, it's nice here (by my tastes) all year long. I'm above such behavior :)

Nancy Dancehall said...

It's this thing, Scoot:

Heh. looks like I got the last one, too.

I know, know, Stucco. The greenhouse you built kicks ass. Some night I'm going to your old house and stealing it. O just doesn't have time to build me one, and you're not coming back here anytime soon.
And yes, I shall taunt. _You_ above taunting, Stucco? Come ON, you can lie better than that!

Scott from Oregon said...

As a builder of some esteem...

maybe I should build my own friggin' greenhouse....????

Actually, I've built quite a few...

Maybe that's why the pop=up thing intrigues me?

Stucco said...

[pirate voice]"Arrr!"[/pirate voice]

Build your own, mister carpenter man. You'll surely do better than the "El Cheap-o Grande" one I threw together.

Irrelephant said...

Stucco, somehow I have the feeling that even if I were your next-door neighbor there in the wet and the cold you'd still find something to taunt me about.

Nancy, you need to get that thing up! It looks like it's made out of balsa and Saran Wrap, it can't be THAT tough! Get some orchids growing!

Scott, perhaps you need to fly down and give the poor child some Carpentry 101 lessons.

Scott from Oregon said...

Your latest post would not let me comment on it, though I felt horrendously compelled.

First off, you write wonderfully. Greatly. Amazingly.

In other words, I like your style, man...

As to content...

I had a period in my life, about two year's worth, where I KNEW I was chemically depressed. I fought through everyday like I was walking with one of those dental jackets (for X-rays) hanging off my shoulders.

I was too proud for medication, and I soldiered on. Somehow, the chemicals got worked out and I was OK again.

SO I know of which you speak.

I have no answer as to the best cure for the body dumping sadder than fuck stuff into the brain.

I mean, it is not logical, nor can logic fix it.

So a og woohoohoo to you for getting off the meds and walking on your own.

The clearer your own chemical make-up, the more you'll know who you are.

I think you have life figured out. I just think you need to get the body chemistry aligned to go along with the rest of you.

Cheesy said...

Wow not often I see my town mentioned in a blog I frequent! As for the glads... I love that they bloom so late here... pretty much the last of our wonderful colors nature treats us to! Congratz on taking your health into your own hands,,, but plz heed the Dr.s words.. call him and keep in touch!