Mar 19, 2007


Arguably one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken. Definitely one of the Top Ten.


1) Is the train closest to the photographer moving?
Damn skippy it is. I estimated it at about 40mph, taking into account the wind and the suction of it's passage not three feet from me.

2) Is that Vulgar Wizard?
Yes, it is. She's standing on the stationary cars that we were photographing when the real live train came down the second set of tracks.

3) Were you scared?
No. I was, however, shouting and calling and yelling like a complete idiot, so happy I was that I had managed to be in the same place as stationary cars AND a moving train, all with my cameras in operating mode.

4) Any more pics?
Why yes, yes there are. Go to the flickr link on the left sidebar, way at the bottom. I was doing studies of graffiti and trains at the same time, and all the pics are there.

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