Mar 26, 2007

You Tell Me

Nancy Dancehall left me a comment on the Right Of Way post that got misdated but is now where it belongs. *heh* The post, not the comment. Sharp-eyed Dancehall spotted the mis-placed post.

You see, I've read Nancy's writing for almost a year now, and this is very high praise from a very talented writer which I take directly to heart. It reads, quite simply, as follows:

"You don't have enough readers for what you write."

And Irrelephant wrote:

And if you can tell me "Why?" I'll give you a shiny new nickel. Or a walk down a right-of-way to smell the perfect smells of fresh paint and warm metal, and let you hear all the tiny rattling noises as the skinks hide from our intruding feet.

I've blogged for almost two years now. I've written well, and I've written badly. I've stolen ideas, and used my own original stuff. I've audioblogged, photoblogged, and just plain let my guts hang out for anyone to walk by, point, and even smirk, and somehow, SOMEHOW, I can't attract more than you 20 or so; my dear sweet loyal gentle readers, to whom I'm in debt, because you keep coming back to watch me publically, mentally masturbate.

Or at least play with myself.

So YOU tell ME...what am I lacking?

THAT was the comment that I was going to leave, but decided to post as a new post, since I've only got about five more posts rattling around my brain pan, waiting to find a way out.

And it stands for any of you, my Gentle Readers, my loyal twentysomethings. My Crazy 20. The Irrelephant Patrol. Save The Irrelephant, Save The World. Tell me, guys? Would you? Why do you read? Why have you stayed? And why hasn't The Word Of Irrelephant gone any further than our little cozy menage a twenty?


Scott from Oregon said...

Too much competition, my good sir. And the lowest common denominator syndrom. And of course, your willingness to do tit for tats with other bloggers. You have to tat to get some tit, where have you been?

There is also the lack of nudie pictures of yourself. And ummm, to much emphasis on bugs. Plus your brilliance makes us all feel inadequate and you KNOW how self-loathing creates tension within bloggeroos...

I think blogger co-ops are the wave of the future. One blog. Many writers. Instead of pooling your cue ball, you can pool your rabid stalking fans...

My crazies can meet your crazies and so on and so forth...

Anonymous said...

Your posts take me away. Sometimnes to that LA feeling I miss so much. A place I used to visit in Pearl River, LA. The sights, the smells, the feeling. I believe you are much too good a writer not to share more with more. I would have no problem spending hours immersed in your thoughts. I truly enjoy every moment that I spend reveling in your abandonment. Please continue....

leesepea said...

Hey now, it may look like I've stopped reading, but I've taken to viewing blogs in feed readers like Bloglines or GoogleReader.

So I'm still here.

And I'm still reading.

I can't give any advice about how to attract more readers, as at least 65% of the hits on my site are misdirected lyrics searches, which actually caused Blogger to block me for a couple of days and made me swear up and down that I'm not a spam site.


Stucco said...

I lurk, therefore I am. I'm here regularly, and read most everything (the exeption being dog stuff- I get PLENTY of that in life alone). Are you simply pimpin' for comments? If you want loads of readers, I'm told porn is helpful.

Irrelephant said...

Scott, there's just too much for me to take in at once. *grin* But don't fear, I've written it all down, put it somewhere safe, and am going to take it into account.

Anon, thank you for chiming in. *s* I don't get much feedback in the comments; yours were particularly touching. I'm glad I can bring a little bit of the old home back for you.

Leesepea! I thought you were gone! Hi, dear! Glad you're still with me, still enjoying. As for song lyric spamming? That's the part of your posts I always enjoyed most!

Irrelephant said...

Stucco, I didn't see you lurking there! Actually you were commenting at the same moment I was. And you know, honestly I don't really know. Just like any artist I get these pangs of wondering exactly why my 'career' hasn't taken off, what vital something or other I'm missing.

I guess it's time for the porn.