Apr 18, 2007

Rewarding Behaviour

You like me, you really really like me! Or at least you put up with me!

At least one of you, that is, believes I'm a thinking blogger and has awarded me as such, which honours me very deeply. I know my talent level seems to vary with my stress levels and how deep I am currently in over my head, but I'm glad that at least some of you find if not pearls then maybe marbles here in all the mud.

I'm going to list my own five top reads as award winners per the original award founder but I'm going to bask for a while and the top five is going to take me some real skull-grease, which right now I find myself sorel lacking in, so bear with me. *S*

And thank you again, Nancy Dancehall, for the honour.

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Vulgar Wizard said...

Coo... heeeeyyyy!