May 16, 2007


I'm tired of listening to the news.

I hear stories coming out of Iraq one after the other about contractors who have performed less than their best work, who have 'made do' with shoddy work and pocketed the cash and run. I've heard about millions of dollars of funding that have simply gone missing, dissapeared down politician's pockets and into hidden bank accounts. I've heard about every sort of evil perpetrated over there and the newscasters still seem to be able to approach each new revelation with a sort of open-mouthed disbelief tinged with shock.

Uhm...okay, we all know people lie, cheat and steal, especially when it's easy to get away with. It happens EVERY SINGLE DAY, most everywhere you care to look. Why are you surprised when it happens to the tune of millions of dollars overseas?


meno said...

I hear these stories with a similar weariness and lack of surprise. The thing i keep thinking is that some problems just don't have a solution. Ick.

Irrelephant said...

What scares me, Meno, is that there are times that I think that this is the best we can manage as a race, that there simply IS no better.

meno said...

It would certainly appear that you are correct. We just love to kill and torture each other in the worst ways possible.

Vulgar Wizard said...

I'm tired of listening to EVERYONE, and you know exactly what I mean, present company excluded of course.