Jun 27, 2007

The Beauty That Is Woman

Women In Art.

Two hundred portraits of women, from the Old Masters up to Dali and beyond. A gorgeous video with a hauntingly beautiful violin soundtrack that you need to go see. Men, go see it because you might need to be reminded that women are the most wonderous things about the Universe. Women, go see it to be reminded of the beauty that lives within you. Seeing all that beauty, so many exquisite renditions of The Goddess that lives within all women made my heart stick in my throat.

You'll have to excuse me, I need to go throw my cloak over a puddle.


Hannah said...

I might be crazy but i believe that the first picture in that video is an angel... are angel women?

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Irrelephant said...

Hannah, I've known a lot of women who are angels, and known no angels but I like to think they would be women.

Anonymous said...


hey hannah i didnt know weshow.com

the videos a really crazyyyyyyyyy

many tks!