Jun 8, 2007


You really can find anything on the internet.


Vulgar Wizard said...

Is that a Dr. Who vehicle?

meno said...

And only $20k.

My favorite part are the other items purchased by people who bought items like this. An inflatable sheep?

skinnylittleblonde said...

146 reviews!?
I think it looks pretty darn cool though & the price is less than most cars!

Schmoopie said...

Wow. That could cure Stucco's road rage. He could just plow over everyone who is pissing him off!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Bahahaha! Just convince Stucco it's from WWI.

Good god. It looks like something H.G. Wells might have traveled in.

Jessi said...

Better hurry now. There are only 2 left in stock and it'll take 1-2 months to ship!

Irrelephant said...

VW, I think The Doctor wouldn't be caught dead in there. Not enough blinky lights.

Meno, I think I might be seeing the connection. It hurts!!

Skinny, maybe there really IS a market for the thing. Heck, if it were street legal and had a paintjob better than "Mad Max Rust" I might be tempted. *lol*

Smoopie, that's exactly the reason he DOESN'T need one! I might be in front of him one day, driving slowly.

Nancy, again, I think I have to disagree. Maybe if it had some bronze fretwork and a giant crystal-headed control rod, maybe some anti-Morlock weaponry...

Jessi, I'm still trying to convince the wife that I can handle one without doing grevious bodily injury to myself.